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    andrew414 Howdy.

    If anyone here has any background in geopolitical or economic intelligence analysis, please check out

    Wikileaks is a secure whistleblower platform hosted in a distributed network of OCONUS servers. It has been designed to protect anonymity and to avoid prosecution. The amount of intelligence they've gathered from ethical leakers is staggering. We need people to receive, analyze, and present data so that the truth can be known about so many acts of human injustice.

    I've been involved in a lot of things, but I think that this one is one of the most important projects to which I've contributed.

    Please look at the site. If you're not the intelligence analyst type, then try to spread the word. If you don't have the means to spread the word, then consider the already proven effects of this project and donate via paypal. Or Not. This is not a request for monetary donation.

    Even in it's first few months of pre-release operation, we're already swaying elections against the corrupt regime in Kenya. Just with one simple release.

    WL is sitting on 1.2 million documents collected since the announcement of intent. We need help to publish these so that people may be free.

    Most current needs are in Africa and East Timor. If you have any experience with the politics or economy of either, please let me know.

    It takes two to speak the truth. One to speak, and another to hear. - Henry David Thoreau
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