Ethics 101 University Profs Busted, aka Moral principles that govern a person's behavior

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    Ethics is tribal event and many expect others to be honest in the day to day exchange of ideas or personal thoughts.

    It has been noted that University Profs, while acting as a student where chatting on line with students by using a Message System as a way to infiltrate the PM setup for class activities and/or on line course, this crossed the line of ETHICS and the private thoughts of students were collected and used as a way to influence students. Ethics are pretty clear to me and any subversive operation by staff or others needs to be written in a University setting. Fishing for information from an at risk locked in needy Freshman is to me a bad move.

    PM Never means Private Message because you never know who is play acting & may not be who or what they appear on line.

    Heads will not roll as PTB are part of the fraud, thanks to the base rules of Prof employment.

    No wonder US is at risk of brainwashing and overthrow, since those in charge of principles are set to control and investigate the vulnerable at the beginning of their career.
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    Never pass up on opportunity to keep your mouth shut. Especially around strangers.
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