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    Anyone see this? Sorry if its a repost (which I'm sure it could be)

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    Interesting that the thread has 90 views but no comments yet.

    I'm not a huge Woody Harelson fan (actually, I'm more ambivalent towards him than anything) and there were parts of the "movie" that were decidedly "liberal". However, yes I actually watched the whole thing and I have to agree with a lot of what was said.

    While I understand and agree with a lot of the points, the one that strikes me the most is the voting with your wallet angle. Our biggest problem as a society is that we aren't willing to do what it takes if it means any type of inconvenience for us, even if only perceived. The conditioning of our culture is truly amazing. We "want" the newest phone or computer or game or TV or whatever and we just roll over and pay whatever is required.

    I finally did the unthinkable with my cell phone and bought a, wait for it, waaaaiiiiit for it, a PHONE! One of the few out there that is just that, a phone. Technically it can text but I don't use it for that. Technically it can browse the web (but on a 1.something" screen that seems kind of ridiculous). Technically I think it could get and send email but again, on that stupid small screen and only a numeric keypad, who would want to. It's a stick phone (candy bar, whatever) and it makes calls. I pay monthly/recharge for it and it cost me all of $10 before tax. It makes PHONE CALLS and that's it.

    Why/how was I able to do this? I decided I could play games on my tablet and/or my computer. My tablet is NOT the newest thing and doesn't run the most up to date version of the OS (in this case it was a gift which is the only reason I even have it in the first place). I was using my "smart" phone to be dumb most of the time and realized I didn't need yet another device that could play Angry Birds on (no, I don't play that, just an example).

    It took me over a year to convince myself that I didn't "need" a replacement smart phone when the contract I was on expired (yes, I started lusting after the newest one after less than a year with the at the time current one).

    I guess I'm replying to show both sides of the problem (and I won't even get into the entitlement crowd). We as a society (in this country at least) mistake needs for wants and have either been convinced or convinced ourselves that whatever it costs is "just the price I'll have to pay". Breaking out of that mindset and mold isn't just hard, in some ways its painful and requires adjustments to our lives and lifestyles that take WORK to make. Too many people aren't willing to put forth that effort.
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    I watched that on Netflix a while back. Pretty good, just wish I could get the Mr. on board with it. He likes his "new stuff". Tho not nearly as much as some of our shopping obsessed acquaintances. One couple we're friends with both have good jobs and bring in considerably more than we do, but they're forever resorting to payday loans and even had a truck repossessed because they can' It's like everything they see they think they need.
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    Unfortunately, there is a consequence to everyone waking up and rejecting all the newest toys, and latest fashions. Our consumerism- driven economy will collapse like a house of cards if people start purchasing only what they need, and saving some of their income. All of those retail jobs at the mall, at walmart, in real estate, and on the car lots, will dry up and blow away. The percentage of our working population who actually build, create, or repair something can't be very large.

    If and when consumerism is curbed, the stock market will crash, banks will fold, and unemployment will sky rocket. Our country, from an economic perspective, is holding a tiger by the tail, and sooner or later our grip is going to slip on that tail; and we're going to become acquainted with the other end of the tiger.
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    Phew! For a minute there, I thought something bad might happen! Wait CONSUMERISM? I thought you said COMMUNISM! That's bad...very bad!ohno
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