EU, IMF and Cypriot Government condone theft of Depositor funds

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Falcon15, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Expect some nastiness. Let me put this into perspective:
    Let us pretend that the Federal Reserve Bank has determined that the banks in America must assist the Federal Government to pay off the huge debt the country possesses. More specifically, the people who have money in the bank, the depositors. The Federal Reserve Bank says every bank but Bank A must be closed. Every account in all banks in the US with a total value below $130,000.00 is safe. Every account that has ABOVE $130,000.00 will be frozen and used to pay of US Debt.

    100,000 Euros or smaller accounts ($130,000.00 USD) are safe. Cypress just signed their own economic death warrant. All in the name of a bailout. Now all the big Russian (Mafia) money (which uses Cypress as a banking haven, much like Americans use the Cayman Islands or Bahamian banks, and Europeans use Swiss banks) will be yanked out and NO NEW MONEY will flow in. The political leaders of Cypress and the country of Cypress will not last a year.

    Far fetched? Nope. The IMF, EU and the Government of Cypress decided this is exactly what will happen starting tomorrow morning.

    Got preps? Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
    Eurozone finance ministers approve bailout deal for Cyprus — RT News
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    Don't worry, there will be a great die-off of Europeans this coming winter.
    I'm thinking that the Russians will play the gas card to recoup their losses from this 'Haircut'
    Pay inflated prices or freeze. The people will suffer for the bankers actions.

    Hopefully the people will remember that it's not the russians but the IMF / ECB and their unelected EU ministers that did this to them.

    Cypriots can only withdraw 100 euros per day (130ish USD).

    But Falc, you are correct, this could happen here. Did you notice the lack of a statement by oblahma when questioned 'Could it happen in the United States?'

    But watch Spain and Italy for the next shoe to drop. The whole of the EU has been put on notice .. All your deposits are belong to us.
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    The dominoes have been falling for quite a while now... Cyprus wouldn't have anywhere near the problems it has now if it wasn't forced to invest in Greek debt as a result of the Greek bailout. What goes around comes around, and now we can see the tip of the iceberg of the mess that it is making.

    So why go after the depositors, and not the banks or bond holders themselves? Because the bond holders are secured by the Cypriot government, and the banks are secured by the Cypriot government. Getting money from them would basically be like taking money from themselves, and that's not going to happen. Who's left? The people that deposited money in the banks.

    To make it worse, most of the EU doesn't have any deposit insurance like we do- the FDIC- which is basically a joke anyway. They like to call it a "tax", but as far as I understand, a tax is paid with a check from the account, by the account holder. I don't think I ever heard of it coming from the account without the account holder's consent.

    I think they call that theft if we would do it.
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    It could happen here, too.

    ... and take what comes. My late sister's favorite saying.
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    Sheeple never remember, and the ones that do will be drowned out by 'it's all the Russian's fault!' The population in Europe is still primed for that.
  6. DMGoddess

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    Actually, they probably all should have done what Iceland did. They're not economically unstable. They told the banks 'so fail'.
    Fighting Recession the Icelandic Way - Bloomberg
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    In reality it is happening here, the us goovernment just gets it before you can put it in the bank.

    I honestly dont know whats holding the worlds economy togeather, but Im fast tracking on my prepping.
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    I'd like to fast track it, but lack of financial resources puts me on sort of a revolving door from month to month (food, gear, ammo, silver) you, I see all this stuff and wonder how it's being held together. It may be that it's an optical illusion of sorts; maybe by sheer ignorance of everyone just keeping the consumer economy on refeed that it's all on life support.
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  9. UGRev

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    I had a vision...nooses with banksters necks in them.
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  10. Beano

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    That would be change that I could hope for.
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    Alot of my fast tracking is getting my garden spot the way I want it, learning what grows wild thats etible. Planning to get some chickens this year . I dont have much for recorces but Im getting more confident each day.

    Its also funny how the mainstream news all but ignores events that could change the world.
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    My good Friend Aaron Hawkins (youtube "personality" Stormcloudsgathering) posted a very well done vid...

    DMGoddess: It is absolutely going to happen here. It is just a matter of time.

    Love the Avatar BTW. Got a few of those (and a multitude of assorted other polyhedrons) tucked away in an old crown royal bag.
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    Cyprus And The Canadian Connection

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    What was it with everybody and Crown Royal bags? I used a box for separating screws and nails. Before that, a pencil box.
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    Cyprus And The Canadian Connection

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