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    Three dogs are in a cage awaiting their fate. One dog asks the next why he is there?
    "I'm a pooper", he says. " I can't help myself, I pooped all over the house and on my masters new rug so they sent me here to get a shot and be euthanized."
    "What are you in for," asked the next dog?
    ""I chew things," he says. "I just can't help it; everything tastes so good. I chewed the soles off masters slipppers, I chewed the leg off a table, and I chewed the cusions on the couch. They sent me here to get a shot; I'm going to be euthanized!"
    Both looked to the third dog, who hadn't spoken yet. "Well," they both asked?
    "I'm a humper," he says." Master's wife gets out of the shower and I just grab her and hump." He sighed loudly," They sent me down here to get my nails done."
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