evacuees threaten crime if not paid

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    Saw this on another site and figured might be of intrest especialy to the members from Texas.


    Sept. 22, 2006, 1:47AM
    Radio ad asks Houstonians to arm themselves against evacuees

    Associated Press

    "There are many evacuees here who are working," said Pruett, who has owned Jim Pruett's Guns & Ammo in northwest Houston for five years. "They have become Houstonians now. That is fantastic. That is what you are supposed to do. You are not supposed to threaten the place you are working in."
    Katrina evacuees are suspects or victims in 59 of Houston's 262 homicides between Jan. 1 and Aug. 26.
    Residents in upper middle-class west Houston have blamed evacuees for violent crime rates that have increased almost 14 percent in one district and homicides that have nearly doubled in another.
    Earlier this month, the FBI reported that violent crime in Houston jumped 2.4 percent last year, slightly above the national figure of 2.3 percent.
    Pruett's radio ad says, "When the 'Katricians' themselves are quoted as saying the crime rate is gonna go up if they don't get more free rent, then it's time to get your concealed-handgun license."
    Department of Public Safety statistics show that from January to Sept. 1, the number of concealed-carry permits issued for handguns have risen almost 25 percent in Harris County, which includes Houston. Texas has no other gun registration laws.
    Black activists held a community meeting Thursday evening where they blasted negative stereotypes of evacuees created by Pruett's ad, as well as media reports that they believe portray all evacuees as criminals. They also took issue with comments earlier this month by gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, who attributed a spike in Houston's crime rate to the "crackheads and thugs" who evacuated New Orleans.
    But community activist Quanell X said Houstonians and evacuees "can't protect the criminal element around us. Let's talk about hitting the streets and dealing with the criminal problem."
    Roshondra Lowe, 29, an evacuee from New Orleans who was among about 30 people attending the meeting, said she doesn't want Houstonians to prejudge displaced residents like herself. Holding printouts of Houston's crime rate from the last few years, Lowe said the statistics showed the city had a problem with crime before evacuees arrived.
    "It's a bunch of nonsense. I'm not going to feed into that. It's just ignorance," Lowe said of ads like Pruett's and other negative comments made about evacuees.
    A spokesman for Mayor Bill White said that crime overall is down in Houston but there are some areas that were hot spots before the hurricane and continue to be.
    "Mr. Pruett has made his career as a shock jock and is using this tactic to sell guns," spokesman Frank Michel said. "The vast majority of evacuees who came here are hard working, law abiding citizens."
    Pruett, 62, said while crime in Houston was an issue before Katrina evacuees came to the city, they have contributed to the problem.
    "It's a serious crime epidemic, no matter what the mayor says," said Pruett, whose store Web site offers the following advice: "Be polite and courteous, but have a plan to KILL everybody you meet."
    As many as 120,000 evacuees remain in Houston since the city welcomed at least 250,000 after Katrina swamped New Orleans last year.
    Pruett said gun sales as his store are up 50 percent from last year but he couldn't be certain it was due to concern over evacuees.
    Classes his store offers so people can get a concealed handgun license are always full. Pruett said he doesn't think he is profiting from fear in the community about evacuees and crime.
    "I'm profiting from people who want to protect themselves. We provide a great service and one that may save people's lives," said Pruett, who added that he has also sold guns to evacuees.
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    ETA: He hit a home run this time, got all the free national exposure.
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    Cleaned it up for you MM took out the picture.
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    Memo to mass Media:

    'We, thugs and crackheads, that were relocated from New Orleans to the Houston area are tired of this stereotyping that has plagued us for so long. We are refugees from a devastating hurricane that nearly leveled our great preyground. If it had not been for that hurricane we could have smoked crack and robbed people for many more generations.

    We were displaced not by choice, though the feeding and free rent of the Houston area is a great benefit that we didn't know we would be given. We thought all was lost. Such wonder we beheld when we found that Houston not only has a growing Liberal population which will wait on us hand and foot. They will also help us get government grants to pay for our addictions and there are a lot of people who don't need the money they are carrying around.

    We are doing this as a public service and should be rewarded for it. I mean, if we don't litter your streets with garbage. What will the cleanup crews have to do? If we don't rob people, will your citizens ever learn to protect themselves? If we don't continue to smoke crack how do you expect the brillo manufacturers, smoke shacks and crack dealers stay in business?

    We are appalled at this turn of events. We offer a vital demand, a good learning device and job opportunities to the Houston area and they try to get rid of us. I'm sure the ACLU will help them sort this out pretty soon.'

    A concerned crackhead

    Every now and again, more often so, you see this type of behavior. It is not politically correct to call a crackhead as a crackhead. You have to be sensitive to his needs whether he is trying to cause you harm, break into your house to steal or just rob you on the streets. You are evil if you deny him or her the right to smoke in a manner befitting them. Shame on you all. Isn't a crackhead in need of help as well as those who work hard for a living? It's just unAmerican to deny anyone the right to happiness.

    Will you not learn? Sheesh. I guess there will have to be more foundations set up so the true way, the Liberal way can be taught sooner in schools to your underage children while subverting that nasty conservative doctrine you all are teaching them. Nobody needs to be honest, hard working or responsible anymore. We need to learn to be more tolerant of people. Not everyone is born with a work ethic. That's just backwards thinking. You conservatives need to get with the times.


    Sickening isn't it? Fraggin' lilly-livered liberals are going to ruin everything. For every step forward we make, those morons shoot us back about 50. This is the type of behavior that is making me pessed. Instead of being able to call a thief a thief, you now have to be PC about it and if you aren't you are marked as a quack, kook, devil or just evil. If you are a thief and break into my little domain, I guess I will call you a 'desperately deprived' person while kicking in your teeth. :D

    Seems like a good thing to me. I wouldn't be 'harming' the 'desperately deprived' person. I will just be using 'physical instruction' to make my point that you and your kind are not welcome here now nor in the future. Haha.

    Saw in the newspaper the other day, a special section they are running on the possible presidential candidates and where they stand on certain issues. Hillary Clinton on Slavery, 'We need to apologize to the slaves for the many years of slavery.' I take that to mean that she totally backs the whole, Fourty acres and a mule thing. Anyone know a slave? I do. Saw him the other day at one of the parades that go on here. He had a chain around his neck and was being led by another guy. Though I recall he wasn't of african decent. Must be something I don't understand.

    If a slave got up out of his grave and said he was pessed at having been a slave, I would personally greet him, say 'I think my forefathers would like to apologize, now git yor butt back in the ground.' Not been a slave around for generations, so why does someone think that the way back descendants of slaves deserve anything? They didn't put in a weeks worth of work in a cotton field. They don't have it blasted across the paper that 'Rupert's daddy was a slave'. They don't get flogged in the town square for not doing what the massa says. None of it.

    I tell you what people. One part of me is a direct descendant from the Cherokee nation. Does that mean they are going to round me up and force me to live on the rez because my ancestors were made to do so? Another part of me is from England. Does that mean that someone should wake George Washington up and make him pay for kicking some of my ancestors butts and causing them pain or killing them?

    I am telling you, these morons that are coddling these lowlives need to be throttled to within an inch of their lives then shot. The lowlives need to be done away with period. There are many organizations that will help you get clean and do they take them? 95% of the crackheads and other addicts do not. They have a case of the gimmes and it's all the whiteman's fault. The other 5% get clean, stay clean, work hard, raise families and do right. They come to the realization that life is hard and it is up to them to make their way, as it should not be someone else forced into doing it for you.

    Okay, I could go on and on about this as there is nothing to do except vent, as I do not see an 'agreeable' outcome in this day and age. So I will leave it here. Hope you enjoyed the rant. Haha.
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    I know a knifemaker that lived near where they put the crack- er, evacuees in Houston. They'd bang on doors looking for "donations" and when he went to Wal-Mart he said a bunch of them would rush up to him, begging. He moved.

    Who could possibly be stupid enough to think that these would become productive citizens when they weren't before? They just adjusted the address on their welfare forms.
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    FEMA trailer and the car that poor evacuee is forced to drive.
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