Even insects and bugs like to hang at in a classy hotel

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    If you are into growing fruit, vegetables and herbs...best results come with a habitat that supports a host of pollinators and pest predators. One option is to create an insect hotel.

    Insect Hotels

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    This looks interesting, and I could do this, but would have to add at least 4 concrete blocks on the corners to raise this all off the ground or termites and wood boring beetles would quickly reduce the lower pallet to mulch and insect poop. If a tree goes down here, and you do not convert it to firewood within 4 to 6 months, within 18 to 24 months it is mulch.
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    Where I live, the black widows and potato bugs would take over in a matter of weeks. I'd have to hang it somewhere to keep the potato bugs out, and NOTHING keeps a black widow out.
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