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Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by dragonfly, Aug 1, 2011.

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    My son just came back from the doctors office......He told the doc that I suspected a secondary MRSA infection about 3 inches lower than the first ( behind the knee in the joint area) last time I bandaged the incision.
    I was right. I put the silver padding over it and dressed it with an anti-microbial pad/dressing ( AMD) just in case....It has th MRSA contained for now. The doc says that he will check it again in 2 days and IF it has grown larger, then a second surgery is required, but as it stands now, it appears that it has been stopped cold and with additional Ciproflaxin it should go away. It never ends does it? The primary incision is healing so fast that the doc had to burn the interior (silver nitrate) to slow the regenerative growth so the outer epidermal layer could catch up....
    So far so good....in 2 days we will know what this second bugger is up to!
    I knew it instantly when I saw it, and it had already started to drain and the the inside of the knee joint was swelling....I washed the "crap" out of it "after" I did the open wound, with hibicleans, kind of like phiosohex.
    I'm rapidly becoming quite a bandager.....Like I wanted to learn that, but what the heck right? I guess it's best to know these things than have a need and NOT have the practice!
    Sheesh! I'm a nervous wreck!
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    Sorry to hear about the secondary infection. Looks like you're on top of it though.

    Hey, can you post a link to the silver dressing you have?

    I bought a couple of these based on your luck from the first post. But, I haven't seen the silver dressing.

    QuikClot Silver - 25g

    Would gauze dampened with colloidal Ag work in a pinch?
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    Good Luck with that stuff...D-Fly
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