Ever Seen One of These S.O.B's ??

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    Bumpers and wheel wells don't match up at all. Considering the modular design of the Golan and the way it looks without its reactive armor installed I still say that's what it is. Course the Argus and Golan are surely related vehicles anyways as Rafael designed the Golan in cooperation with PVI. Between the USMC & IDF there were supposedly only 60 Golan MRAP's ever built. Once the Corp eliminated it from the competition the remaining units were removed from USMC service. This would explain where they went.
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    If it weren't for these vehicles, I would not be alive today, and no pickup would have been able to save it's occupants from IED's made up of any thing from multiple artillery rounds to God knows what type of high explosive.

    My unit had completed over 1,000 Route Clearance missions for the 11 months in the sandbox with just one fatality, which happened in a M110 Hummer. We never used them outside the wire afterwards.
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    Navistar Defense Receives MRAP Installation Order

    Here is what these are. They are retrofitted Navistar MaxxPro (The Bull) MRAP vehicles. These are the MRAP's that were sent over a few years ago that had the best defense against the worst type of IED deployed by the insurgents of both Iraq and Afganistan, The EFP penetrator IED. These thing are what did the most damage to all our uparmered vehicles.
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    MaxxPro w/ MRAP kit look nothing like what the OP posted. MRAP market is way over saturated with different models. Part of why the Golan was such limited production is all the copy cats and its Israeli origin limit buyers for political reasons.

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    Glad you made it okay. My point was the vulnerability to a mobility kill, not protection to occupants. I agree they will protect occupants.
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    Not to start an argument, but what you see in your picture is only the outer skin and compartments, not the inner V-hull itself. You can strip these down and reconfigure the outer panels and compartments to what type of mission parameters call for. Most MaxxPro have a driver and Passenger side door, their are some that don't.
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    Everything has a weak spot. Considering that these are probably not MRAP'd (Yet) an IED , the tires are CTIS (adjust tire pressure from inside cab) but if they are military assemblies, they will take a hell of a beating and keep rolling on the run flat inserts.

    Roll them on their side with a dozer or accidental landslide.

    shape charge with copper conical plate directed at the engine, driver or fuel supply.

    if stationary, magnetic thermite device on axle, hub assembly, or engine.

    Thermal lance might be fun.

    thermite weld door and ports closed.

    but, the truly weakest bits are the soft gooey things in side.

    Cooking with large quantity of low flashpoint accelerant such as gasoline, propane, natural gas until the screaming stops. You'll know when done as the meaty parts inside will have turned red/brown/black and moved to the center of the vehicle.

    Or there is always drowning in a river, best accomplished by immersing vehicle in water quickly, as in causing section of bridge to collapse and plunging vehicle into water in excess of 12 feet.

    curiously over pressure may be an issue for a stationary vehicle if say 20# of binary explosive were caused to react on the top of the vehicle where it would be assumed that the protection would be the thinnest. In front of the A-pillar would be a natural point of placement as would any point where environmental or electrical supply make ingress to the passenger compartment.

    But then again, i'm just guessing. I'm just a silly farmer.

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    So..If you poured round's in the gun port's...
    Ricochet...Is a Guaranteed...!
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    The door.

    They gotta come out sooner or later. [gun]
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    ...and what the heck are you doin' down on Vets'?

    The gun shows on Williams next weekend!
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    Burning bags of poop always stops em!!
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    Burning poop catapulted from roof tops.. sounds like a wonderful way to piss people off lol [woot]
  14. ya gotta admire those find handy rescue gun ports in the windows lol

    There are methods of defeating armor of any type.

    No reason to go into them, that thing is just a rescue assult vehicle. Remember they are the govenment and are there to help you.

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    Like snake said before the soft spot are the wheels, and drive train. The old hummers had the disc brakes on the inner part of the differential as opposed to being on the wheels. I would also assume that this is equipped with central tire inflation systems. Take of the rubber they have steel run flats. Those do ok on highway with some rubber still around the wheel but if its all gone it's dead in the water.
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    Multiple staggerd rows of rebar footer"L's",or"U's"set into concrete,will not only trash"ANY"kind of tires,but will also imobilize tracked vehicles.
    You space them about 1'apart in staggerd rows,leave about 6"exposed,and sharpen the ends.
    Pinned Jersey barriers set in a double walled 8'x8'box pattern will also stop any vehicle penitration.
    Add razor wire and trenches in combination with the other setups would make a very formidable barrier against man or vehicle.
    Of course any serious fire power would just blast it's way through,and you would get fubar anyways.
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    I like the idea of immobilizing it, and then cooking it. Deelish.

    A good Cajun or Jamaican jerk rub cant hurt either. Dog loves the jerk spice.
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