Ever used a DR Power Field and Brush Mower?

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Mindgrinder, Jun 2, 2015.

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    They was tasty.....
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    To bring this thread back on topic...

    We've had one of the 16hp models for 12+ years now. It gets used, on average, once per month. We have Chinese Privet that grows like the OP's blackberries and the mower does a good job of keeping it down.

    I bought the finish mower attachment but have only attempted it once. My knees and lower back aren't what they used to be and getting down on the concrete to pull the belt over the drive pulley just isn't worth the difference between a 42" deck and my 22" self propelled mower.

    Mine has the 2 cylinder Kawasaki engine in it (as does my JD lawn tractor). I'm pleased with the engine. Change the oil and filter, air filter and sharpen the blade. Neither machine has required any service other than that.

    In regard to using the Brush Mower, the blade deck runs on two 1/2" steel rods. You balance the front when traveling on concrete and when backing up. It is quite the upper body work out and you have to keep your hands gripping the controls or the "dead man" will shut it off. This is not a one handed machine.

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    My thought is to have some one come in with a real Tractor and Bush Hog. Cut it down and then purchase a new Cub Cadet or other with a 48 inch deck or better and just mow it down once a month. New Cub Cadet with twin Kohler of a new design is $2300 here and saves the back.
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