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    I did some searching but didn't see this question, it was more centered around having BA in a stash and on the prep list. What I'm considering is every day wear.

    Nope, I am not LEO, or military, or an type of security contractor. I am a suburban white boy 80% of the time, and a normal northern MI man the remainder of the time. I am a business man that spends a lot of time in the office and warehouse. I make daily bank deposits, most of the time through the drive thru window. I make weekly visits to a private (by membership) shooting range with multiple ranges and I am starting to get into some organized training (with other students I do not know).

    I'm not worried about where I could better spend the money. I'm most concerned with what happens in the event of an accident or violent "every day" crime. I also carry concealed everyday.

    I'm looking for experience and recommendations from anyone that has worn it everyday. I'm not looking so much as should I, but how should I best ...

    I'm currently looking at a ProMax Gold Flex III-A vest to be worn concealed. I'm also considering a different carrier that will hold Level IV rifle plates for the Bad News Bag. These would most likely be purchased at BulletProofMe.com.

    My brother is recently returned from Afghanistan. His counsel is that its hot and heavy, but it saved him twice. Well, once, a mag carrier saved him the second time. He sees the operational need or plates in his field, but not domestically under the current circumstances. His top two priorities were clearly the ability to stop the projectile, but next was comfort. If its not comfortable, he doesn't think I'll be as likely to pull it on, especially in the warmest days of summer.

    Last thing, is it reasonable to think that I can conceal this to 99% of the population? I am 6', a fairly lean 180-185lbs. I have a long torso and short legs.

    Thanks for all input. I'm not sure where else to go to ask. Hopefully with a little feedback here, I can make a better choice when I call and talk to the seller.
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    I'm roughly your size and when I wear my vest (Point Blank Vision) it is pretty obvious underneath a tucked in button up shirt. Untucked it's not quite as noticeable but still visible to a lot of people. Women tend to mistake the vest for muscle tho :D
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    I am also roughly the same size. With my level II vest on, if you are not at least wearing a sweatshirt it's pretty obvious you have something on and the bad guys will know for sure what you are wearing. Heat, limited movement and difficulty breathing when physically pushed are the drawbacks, but it's better then taking a bullet.
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    Bulletproofme.com is a great place. I have had no reservations ordering from them and all purchases were promptly sent and exactly what they said they were going to be. If you tell them your needs, they will suggest the item that best fits it.
  5. Body Armor is uncomfortable and hot and constricting. When needed it is wonderful and you would not give it up for anything and in fact wish you had an iron man suit.

    Even if you don't plan on wearing it daily, you need to wear it often enough to stay used to it, and keep it fitted to any size in your body changes. (Consider what may happen come a PAW and weight loss in your planning)

    I also have made a leather vest with pockets sewn all over it that I can slip in "ingots" of lead to produce 50 - 100 pound vest that I have adjustment straps on so I can fasten it snugly around myself.

    Wear that thing for a work out / then when you pull it off you feel like you could float. But it is a exercise item, not a body armor thing.

    I think after wearing it almost daily till I cant stand it though that it is helping me overcome the weakness from my stroke. Just sitting in it is demanding, and work is like humping the boonies at 100 degrees.

    My Dr about flipped out when I showed it to him. Asked me if I could even move and I put it on with the 50 pound of weight. he tried it on and just took it back off, was amazed I could get up and down and walk with my cane with it on.

    Told him I fell down a lot at first, but was getting better n stronger.

    He just shook his head and told me my body is getting better slowly, but will always have some problems talking to the brain.

    He doesn't know that can't or quit is not in my vocabulary.

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    Soft body armor cannot be hidden under clothing. If you wear one it shows. I wear one daily at work and have for 30 years. No matter how often you wear one they are less that comfortable. Try it on adjust it to fit and just deal with it. If you just want it for Post shtf get an external vest carries and use it as you tac vest.
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    Your brother said it straight; however, please be sure to describe his physique also. As I was infantry once, he is "high speed, low drag." Our personal match up with "high speed, low drag" may be considerably less.

    Search for pictures of Vn era LRRP and SF Teams, you will not see many wearing the flak jackets. That is because they can't stay and fight; they must di-di because soon there will be more enemy than bullets.

    As one isn't as mobile, a good use for plates would be defending the home.
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    I will say that I don't think there is any way you could conceal plates. Additionally, your mobility is significantly restricted when wearing them. Personally, I am very much in favor of mobility over armor. Someone can always shoot you with something bigger to defeat your armor, but it doesn't matter how big the round is if they miss.

    I'm sure you could find a vest that would be concealable-ish, but it would probably offer only light protection.
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    One question that I'd ask is whether a IIIa vest is the best choice for every day wear. I'd wonder if it would be too big/bulky/hot for routine use. I like my IIa vest (a Kevlar Second Chance Monarch vest, made before the company got all stupid & dishonest with the Zylon debacle).
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