Evolution Vs Creationism debate....what debate???

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by chelloveck, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. chelloveck

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    Apparently the founding fathers settled the Evolution vs Creation debate, even before Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace had been born...so this so called debate between Evolution and creationism...um....Intelligent Design is done and dusted!!


    David Barton: Creationist Founding Fathers Settled Debate Over Evolution | Religion Dispatches

    It's a pity that the judiciary aren't aware of this historical fact. : O
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    I myself have NO problem resolving Creationism with the long-proven fact of Evolution. The Good Lord uses many methods to achieve his Design, and Evolution is an important part of that. Heck, we guys are always modding and improving things, why not The Big Guy? He gets a better idea for an improvement to some species a few millenia later, so he implements it.
    We use Selective Breeding the same way - just a faster subset of the basic idea of Evolution.
    Now Genetic Manipulation between differing species...... THAT one is going to bite Humanity in the arse one fine day.
  3. chelloveck

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    It's mainly young earth theists who have most difficulty in reconciling with Evolution...simply because it contradicts the literalist interpretation of the Torah, and Old Testament biblical narratives that describe the origins of species....

    I'm inclined to agree Sea, ....genetic technology is a two edged sword....it offers much potential for beneficial applications...but also much potential for baneful applications. It behoves the citizenry to be science literate in order to understand the technological state of play and be able to make informed decisions about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.
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    OK, I have no problem with either idea. IF you read the Bible, science and the Bible agree 100%. Science said the world was formed in the big bang, the Bible said the "world was void and with out form". God separated the waters below from the waters above (ocean and hydrogen cloud over world) exactly as science said. It never rained before the time of Noah when the hydrogen cloud fell (Chicken Little ACTUALLY DID SEE THE SKY FALL!!) and it rained for the first time, causing a flood, which science agrees with. The Earth was all one land mass (science called it Pangaea) exactly as the Bible said (the land did not break up "until the time of Pele"). The only thing I disagree with science about is that there is no God. The major difference between scientists, doctors and God, is God doesn't think of Himself as a scientist or doctor.
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