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  1. mage2

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    I have a habit of reading alot, meaning I am always in the middle of a book.
    This one is by a famous SciFi author Robert Heinlein.

    The book was published in '80 but has short stories going back before 1940.
    Its interesting to read and there are many post SHTF stories in this book, mostly because many of the stories are around the time of the first atomic bomb and a few before. It is so far a very good read, and well worth the price. Amazon has it for $0.01 + shipping.

    He covers many of the things we worry about still to this day.
    [URL="http://www.amazon.com/exec/ob...index=books&field-author=Robert A. Heinlein"]
  2. ghrit

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    Ahhh. Heinlein and Asimov. [beer]
  3. dukenukum

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    truly a great writer grew up reading his books probably why I turned out like this expanded universe is a great book , also farnhams freehold , number of the beast , the moon is a harsh mistress .
  4. Idahoser

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    "The Past Through Tomorrow: A Future History"
    that's the title of my favorite 'anthology' of Heinlein stories. Incorporates most, if not all, of many other 'collections'... The Man Who Sold The Moon, Menace From Earth, etc.

    If I was going to be stuck with one Heinlein book, that would be it.

    I remember Expanded Universe gave a tremendous explanation of the various round-trip times using different types of propulsion systems... including the one we could do NOW (when it was written)

    Of course, a lot of the things we could do even thirty years ago are now gone forever from the American skill set.
  5. ghrit

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    "I, Robot" (and it's fallout, the Foundation series) series is still my all time faves for fiction. Oddly enough, some of that stuff is coming to be real. Asimov a'dreamin' wasn't so far off base at that.
    Heinlein is not his equal, and Clarke is a distant third.
  6. Idahoser

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    I enjoyed "Robots Have No Tails" by Henry Kuttner as much as the Asimov robots. That was a LOOOOONG time ago...
  7. Tango3

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    For pulpy paper back stuff I always enjoyed Laumer's "Bolo" series...( self aware unmanned-unstoppable monster tanks.)
  8. drthtater

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    Heinlein's books are great, if you can get past the redheaded incest.

    Having said that, I can get past it, and I love his work, may he rest in peace.
  9. alanz

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    Heinlein is the greatest sci-fi writer of all time IMO. You should read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress about a colony on the moon that rebels against earth. Great stuff!
  10. Drumbo

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    I'm glad I stumbled into this topic. I too find Robert Heinlein to be the Grand Master of Sci-Fi. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is one of his best. The premise is that the Moon was used as Earth's penal colony, but after several generations the "loonies" are tired of living under a warden and shipping all their wealth to support the earth.

    In 2005, Tim Minear wrote a movie script based on the novel and I thought you might enjoy reading it. It condenses the story considerably out of necessity and makes a few plot changes to update the 1965 story, but it captures the feel of the original, including the unique speech patterns and I found it a fun read dealing with the nuts and bolts of revolution:
  11. goinpostal

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    My favorite was"Tunnel in the Sky".
  12. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    andre norton had some good ones too, like 2250 AD
    and i dont remember who wrote it, but "Rosum's Universal Robots" was a great one
    so was "anthem"
    and im sorry, for what he had to work with and what he did
    i think Jules Verne is the master of sci fi
  13. ChrisNuttall

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    I love Starship Troopers. Stranger in a Strange Land annoyed the hell out of me.

  14. Yoldering

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    I discovered Robert Sheckley a little while back. A lot of his stuff is available on Gutenberg Free. He is a great writer! Two of my favorite are Status Civilization and Immortality Incorporated.
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