Excellent deals on 10/22's

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GOG, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. GOG

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    CDNN Sports is selling stainless Mannlicher 10/22's for $279. and Mossy Oak Take Down 10/22's for $299. I'd love the Mannlicher, but the gun fund is depleted.

    I don't have any interest in this outfit other than I'm a customer. I like their prices for the most part, delivery is quick and after many years not one problem. (Touch Wood)
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  2. Sgt Nambu

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    I like the butt pad on the Mannlicher, more LOP would be great!

    Same deal as GOG though, no money plus too many 10/22's already! Not the worst problem to have! :D
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  3. BTPost

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    I just sold one of the Mossy Oak Take Down 10/22's with the 25 round Mag, as a first Rifle, for a Lady.... She had a great time learning how to shoot, it... Her Husband bought and Mounted one of the Illuminated Reticule 3X9 40MM P4 Scopes on it for her...
  4. GOG

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    I picked up that take down model up a few months back and the take down feature really works for me.
    The Mannlicher is just pretty and Mongo like pretty things. :cool:
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