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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by rsbhunter, Mar 2, 2012.

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    First, i want to thank TNAndy for posting the info for pole mounting solar panels....but mostly, for bringing to my attention a premier source of info about ALL of the "alternate" sources of energy . Alot of what i have seen so far, pertain to off grid power, especially important to this site....HomePower magazine, with a three year subscription will include their archive dvd of past magazines....ALOT of reading, and most importantly, information on solar, wind and hydro......If you are like i am , and new to off grid solar, i really suggest you consider suscribing to this magazine, and even if you don't, buy the archive dvd...it will help with the winter months when there's not alot you can do, and it really seems (i'm only into the FIRST mag on the disc) to answer alot of the questions that we as newbies , ask of the great guy's that are on this site.....rsbhunter
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    Yep....Home Power mag is a great resource. The articles will range from beginner level to about as technical as you want to get.
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    Thanks for the tip RSBHunter. I just signed up for 3 years. :D
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    Thanks rsb....

    Honestly, all the thanks needs to be directed to TNAndy....Guy's (and girls!!!) this honestly is the BEST money you will spend on solar, wind, or hydro systems! PERIOD! I keep jumping from issue to issue, article to article, trying to stuff large amounts of info into a pea sized brain.....if only 10% retention is what i can handle, it's still 100% more than what i had!! Honestly, suscribe, or at least buy the DVD, although it's almost as cheap to get the 3 year subscription and get the DVD free...There really is info, and charts, ratings, graphs, and "tips" that will save you hours of time and, potentially $1000.00's of dollars! AND!!!!!!!!!! I have learned, that as much credit that should be given to the experts in the mag and dvd, the guy's (and girls) on this site are as capable and knowledgable as 95% (and more) of the people in the magazine....So, part with the cash, and save these guy's from answering the same newbie questions over, and over, and......(mostly from me!)....save the tough questions for these guy's...they are living it, and have faced 99% of the problems and questions you will....Thanks again to TNAndy, for showing a way to learn alot about the RE world , at a very affordable price... I also want to thank nadja, and BTPost and the others for all their time, patience, and kindness to myself and others new to this "realm"......rsbhunter [respect]
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    Acknowledged...but you took the time to share this information. Don't short sell yourself.

    Forums only work if people share good information. ;)
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    Thank you...

    I was thinking, with your good looks (avatar), if you learned to play alittle guitar, take some voice lessons,get a couple other guys to back you up, you might be able to pick up alittle money on the side playing in small , local clubs......not a bet i would take, "wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole"...Thanks for the kind words...rsbhunter
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    Ha...if I was half as cool as Billy Gibbons.......
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    Thanks RSB, I too, will be subscribing to these mags shortly
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