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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RightHand, Dec 19, 2015.

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    Agree, an excellent vid, but --

    If you go back in various threads, you'll find me standing up for the moderate and peaceful branches of islam. I've been changing my alleged mind about some of those thoughts, I'm no longer convinced that the majority of muslims shun the radicals, certainly not publically. I am no longer certain that there is a silent majority of muslims secretly wishing the radicals didn't exist.

    So comes before us, this formerly unknown to the majority of Americans, this woman with an appeal for discussions, and replete with statistics that do not comfort me about the noisy ones vs. the silent ones. A bit late, methinks, to open a dialog that might be aimed at all people, but looks to target muslims when she asked what the listener thinks about this and that. (We can be pretty sure that a "moderate" muslim will NOT speak up without risking a fatwah.) I think she already knows what the other than libs have in mind, and that is simply to squash the extremists, one by one as they raise their heads and continue until no more heads pop up. (Then start digging the others up for squashing.) That thinking includes my own thoughts as of a while ago.

    I am now also less concerned by collateral damage to civilians that are ideologically connected to those getting squashed. Where will the other heads come from if not the current civilians that get aggravated when they are injured as an accidental item from being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Am I getting bloodthirsty? Yeppers, I am that.

    Perhaps hidden in the above paragraphs is that the time for dialog is long since past, both among libs and conservatives, and among the undecided. It seems to me to be time for getting off the dime with actions that speak louder than words from the oval office or the 2016 candidates for that office.

    I am fed to the molars with appeasement and support of so called refugees. Judge Janine has the idea.
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    I would agree in most points, but with the return to meta-data collection, you and I are among the collateral damage.
    As well as trading freedom for security, it is giving .gov more excuse to take even more.
    I will not accept this tactic, no matter what the threat level.
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    When the THREAT Level gets to where there is a 50/50 Chance the BadGuys will strike in the REAL HomeLand, outside the 10 Largest Metropolitan Areas of the Country, I just might start to be interested... But not likely before that... But ONLY after the FEDs drop all this Gun Control BS, and allow citizens, their Constitutional Right to walk around Packing, for their own Protection. When they scrap the Gun Free Zone BS, and every person becomes their own Primary First Responder/SelfDefender.... Then I will be getting interested in Protecting the "HomeLand"... Otherwise all the Liberals in this country can just keep paying the. JackBooted Thugs for their protection... Mess with ME, OR MINE, and I will END YOU.... No Exception, No Regrets.... Or I will Die, Trying...
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