Exclusive Trophy Mule Deer Hunt For Charity

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    Exclusive Trophy Mule Deer Hunt For Charity
    <HR style="COLOR: #ffffff; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->The Rotary Club of Wallowa County Presents:
    Exclusive Trophy Mule Deer Buck Hunt Raffle
    170-200 Class Muleys

    Raffle to win only 99 tickets to be sold! $100. per ticket.

    Exclusive Hunt Package includes the following:
    *You will be the ONLY Hunter during the first 3 days of buck season, (October 2-4, 2010) with
    access to the 33,000 acre Zumwalt Prairie Preserve to harvest one buck. This prize is transferable.
    *Four nights in a canyon Western-themed B&B Lodge, 3 meals per day included.
    *One day guided fishing trip for 2 in Wallowa County to be completed by 12/31/10. Actual date to be
    determined by you and Eagle Cap Fishing Guides. (This item can be transferable to another person).
    *You will have an expert Guide familiar with the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve for your 3 day hunt.
    *Transportation of harvested deer off the Preserve in accordance with The Nature Conservancy
    policies, and delivery to a local processor; for basic processing (cutting/wrapping) of harvested deer.
    *You will be allowed to pre-scout the area prior to actual hunt.
    *A Welcome Basket from the Rotary Club of Wallowa County.

    TO purchase tickets by Check or M.O. payable to: Rotary Club of Wallowa County.
    SEND to: Chad Garrett 21607 SW Dakota Circle, Tualatin OR 97062 or call 503-367-0207 for more info.

    Deadline to purchase tickets is March 31, 2010. Drawing to take place April 7, 2010 in Enterprise OR.

    The sale of this package is a fund-raiser by the Rotary Club of Wallowa County. Proceeds from this
    fund-raiser go to Wallowa Country Heartbeat towards purchasing and placing Automated External
    Defibrillators throughout Wallowa County to save the lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest.


    Project Heartbeat is a partnership between the Wallowa County Rotary Club and the American Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter. It is a 501 C (3), non-profit organization staffed by local volunteers.

    The Problem - SCA
    Heart disease is the Number One Killer of all Americans. Over 1,000 people each day die from SCA or Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
    Sudden cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack, which is a problem with blocked blood flow to a part of the heart muscle. With a heart attack, the heart does not suddenly stop beating.
    Defibrillation is the only known therapy for most common cardiac arrests. This therapy must be delivered within minutes of the event, but unfortunately, EMS response is not always quick enough. Even the very best EMS systems experience delays from heavy traffic, secured buildings, and large building complexes. Sudden cardiac arrest victims usually collapse, without warning, and become unconscious and die if not treated immediately.

    The Solution - AEDs
    Until recently, only emergency medical personnel could defibrillate. But today, technological breakthroughs are bringing new solutions. We now have devices that are known as Automated External Defibrillators or "AEDs".

    Our Goal
    The goal of Project Heartbeat is to strategically place enough AEDs so that the majority of Wallowa County residents and visitors are within three to five minutes of an AED and lay responders trained in its use in the event of cardiac arrest.
    The organization’s goal is to place at least 5 AEDs and additional equipment and supplies in key locations around Wallowa County. The cost of each AED unit is $2000.

    We have been featured on ESPN Outdoorline 710 in Seattle, Washington.The Statesmans Journal in Salem,Oregon and the
    Idaho Statemans in Boise,Idaho.
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    Are you familiar with ths organization Q? I ask, because the contact for the Wallowa County Rotary Club is way over in Washington county.

    Sounds like an awesome package and a good cause.

    Does this supersede the ODFW draw to get an eastern tag?
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    yes its on the up and up, not far from home. I will be among the people waiting to hear if I have won.
  4. Tracy

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    Good luck!!!
  5. dragonfly

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    We need more of these types of events, around the entire country!
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