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    Privacy and anonymity have been eroded to the point of non-existence in recent years. Our personal, private information is stockpiled and sold to the highest bidder like so much inventory at a warehouse. National Security Letters are written to make countless requests for records from our search engines, libraries, and book stores with no court oversight. Email and especially searchable data is practically unprotected from anyone who might ask to have it. All our electronic communications are tapped. Massive governmental data mining schemes are being built to record everything we publish on the web. In many workplaces, employers spy on and control their employees' Internet access, and this practice is widely considered to be acceptable.

    These are dark times. The Fourth Amendment has all but disappeared, thanks to the Wars on Drugs, Porn, and Terror. Any practicing trial lawyer will tell you that you can no longer rely on unreasonable search to be the basis for excluding evidence, especially for digital evidence in the hands of a third party. Likewise the First Amendment has been shredded with exceptions and provisos, and is only truly available to those with the money to fight costly (and usually frivolous) court battles against large corporations. In short, you can say what you want so long as it doesn't effect corporate profits.

    How we got to a legal state where this all this activity is the accepted norm, I'm not quite sure. It seems to stem from an underlying assumption that our function at work and at home is that of a diligent slave - a single unit of economic output under the direct watch and total control of our superiors at all times; that we should accept this surveillance because we should have nothing to hide from our benevolent overlords who are watching us merely to protect us from evil.

    I believe this view is wrong. Moreover, I believe it is time to reverse the tide. This document seeks to provide the means to protect your right to privacy, freedom of speech, and anonymous net access even under the most draconian of conditions - including, but not limited to, both private and criminal investigation (which happens far more often to innocent people than one might like to think). "So what are you saying? That I can dodge bullets?" "No.. What I am trying to tell you is that when you're ready, you won't have to.":eek:

    Table of Contents
    <dl><dt>Introduction</dt><dd><dl><dt>Document Organization</dt><dt>Where to find this Document</dt><dt>License</dt><dt>Credits</dt><dt>Feedback and Assistance</dt></dl></dd><dt>The Matrix</dt><dd><dl><dt>What is the Matrix</dt><dt>Resisting the Matrix</dt><dt>Subverting the Matrix</dt><dt>Freedom Seekers are Not Terrorists</dt><dt>Spreading the Word</dt><dt>Target Audience</dt></dl></dd><dt>Network Attributes</dt><dd><dl><dt>MAC Address</dt><dt>802.11 "nickname"</dt><dt>DHCP Properties</dt><dt>IP Address</dt><dt>Double Black Magic IP Wizardry
    </dt></dl></dd><dt>Local Services</dt><dd><dl><dt>ident lookups</dt><dt>ftp logins</dt><dt>Telnet</dt><dt>ssh keys</dt><dt>Terminal Services/rdesktop</dt><dt>SMB/NMBD</dt><dt>mDNSResponder (Bounjour/Rendezvous/ZeroConf)</dt><dt>UPNP</dt></dl></dd><dt>Web-based leaks</dt><dd><dl><dt>Cookies</dt><dt>Browser User Agent And Capability Info</dt><dt>Referrer Url</dt><dt>Browser History</dt><dt>Web bugs</dt><dt>Desktop and Web Browser Extensions</dt></dl></dd><dt>Intrusive Surveillance</dt><dd><dl><dt>Root Kits</dt><dt>Keyloggers and Spyware</dt><dt>Watching Your Back</dt><dt>Throwaway Computing</dt><dt>Search and Seizure</dt><dt>Encrypted Filesystems</dt><dt>Secure Deletion</dt></dl></dd><dt>Anonymous Communication</dt><dd><dl><dt>Anonymous Email</dt><dt>Posting to Usenet</dt><dt>IRC/Instant Messaging</dt><dt>Creating Web Content</dt><dt>Scrubbing Document Formats</dt><dt>Bit Torrents/P2P apps</dt><dt>Guerrilla Data Exchange</dt><dt>The Vector of Information</dt><dt>The Social Network</dt></dl></dd><dt>Physical Interaction</dt><dd><dl><dt>Using Anonymous Money</dt><dt>Anonymous Snail Mail</dt><dt>Anonymous Telephony</dt><dt>Assuming an Identity</dt><dt>Protecting Yourself from Fraud</dt></dl></dd><dt>Key points to learn from this document</dt><dd><dl><dt>Anonymity Self-Quiz</dt><dt>Anonymity Self-Quiz Answers</dt><dt>Must-Have Firefox Extensions</dt></dl></dd><dt>Further Information</dt><dd><dl><dt>Books of Interest</dt><dt>Information on the Web</dt></dl></dd></dl>
    This is from the non torrified mirror.
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    A little light reading? :lol:
    welcome... I think you'll do just fine with a few here.
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    Very nice. I will be working my way through all the information over the next couple days. :)
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    Gotta love a chapter called "Double Black Magic IP Wizardry"

    Let me know if you find anything that makes your jaw drop.....
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    Which link above was causing troubles?
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