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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Yard Dart, Jan 2, 2014.

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    California activist pushes to expand government -- to 12,000 lawmakers | Fox News

    Interesting concept to reduce the amount of lobbyist/special interest interference in the governance of the state. With a reduced amount of citizens each lawmaker would represent, that would ensure that the "people" have a voice in how their government runs... and not be drowned out by the masses being swayed by politics' and lobbying efforts. The major trick would be to ensure their is a reduction in pay for all of them and net zero add to the states balance sheet... which would be unlikely for this state.

    Not that this will ever get passed... but interesting anyways.
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  2. Dont

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    Something about city states is flashing through my head right now...
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  3. Finster

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    Interesting, but not logical. If the problem really is the scale of representation then the logical choice is to divide.
    YES just like they did with Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia in the mid-1800s.
    The Carolinas before that time extended from the atlantic to the Mississippi, at a time when communication across such distance could take weeks or longer. So take the most populous state, and divide it into two or three new states, possibly 1) South Oregon or Yosemite, 2) Central Valley or Middle California 3) and the southern portion can either become SoCal or San Andreas or New-Old Mexico (or we can seek that bit to pay off their debts, I hear the Chinese are looking to invest some of that Walmart money)
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    So you'd end up with 12,000 legislators who on average are no more informed on any issue or pending legislation than the average voter. Oh yeah, that sounds like yet another recipe for success for the worst run state in the nation. If it would accelerate their internal implosion, hmmm.....
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  5. Dont

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    Accellerated implosion? California? Hmmmm.....
  6. kellory

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    You forgot another thing, they are politicians! they live a breath to have their name on a bill, for all time! it is a mark of achievement, a signpost for those who come after. "I did this" and "I did this too". they want their names associated with legal works for their legacy.
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  7. Finster

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    How accelerated? Fast like ripping off a bandaid, or fast like chemotherapy? Either way what has to happeWilson, so maybe it's not all bad.

    Jesus and the disciples knew they had a
    Oh crap, I absolutely forgot about that little gem, they have to go around tagging shit with friggin name; like the Pharaoh or some lame kind of crips. Passing out contracts to their buddies and spending billions to skim millions... Dam, Dam, Dam, why do I keep forgetting about that small shit. First the steal our liberty in the name of safety, then they steal our money in the name of public works.
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    First off, Make us ignorant...Second, make us dependent...
  9. Finster

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    1. Check
    2. Check
    on to phase 3
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    Slaves.. Ever see the hunger games?? Better yet , read the books..
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  11. Finster

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    Yes, and yes. Also the very similar (except the staged battle) Agenda 21.
    I have not seen the new hunger games movie, but as soon as its on netflix...
  12. Dont

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    Hunger games is agenda 21 in effect..
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  13. Nukashima

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    “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people.”
    Henry Kissinger
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