explosive-laden trail cameras

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    Another thing to add to our worries?

    Public warned about explosive-laden trail cameras in Kentucky

    Authorities caution that should you find items to include trail cameras that are not yours in the woods of Harlan County, KY, to contact the ATF or State Police to have them check it out. (Photo: Chris Eger)

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Kentucky State Police warn that 12 improvised explosive devices have been found in wooded areas of Harlan County.

    The public safety advisory, issued Monday, cautions the devices were found along the Dave Smith Drainage Area– the Woodland Hills Subdivision– on the Little Black Mountain Spur in Harlan County. In at least three of the incidents, the devices were found inside trail cameras and were designed in such a way that they would trigger when batteries were inserted.

    In some instances, other items such as paint cans were found in the area and a tree stand has reportedly been booby trapped as well.

    The IEDs started popping up back in as far back as March and authorities have been on the lookout all summer.

    A joint investigation by federal and local agencies led to the arrest of Mark Sawaf, 39, in June, after a device utilizing a Winchester 9mm shell casing, an unknown explosive material and a detonator, blew several fingers off a local man the month prior. Some of the components had been hot glued together.

    According to court documents, prior to his arrest police did a trash pull on Sawaf’s garbage and found wire consistent with that used in the devices recovered, damaged shotgun shells, manuals and warranty cards from multiple brands of game cameras marred with dried hot glue, thermally damaged shotgun shells, firecrackers and a note saying “Broken camera for a broken soul.”

    A search of his residence post-arrest found various trail camera parts, hobby fuse and wire insulation similar that recovered in the IEDs, a 410 shotgun shell containing a suspected explosive filler with hobby fuse protruding from the shell and sealed with hot glue, 11 metal flashlights including one that had blast damage, a jug of black powder and six trail cameras in various condition.

    In federal custody since his arrest in June, authorities brought Sawaf back to Harlan County earlier this month in an attempt to have him detail the location of remaining live devices. While on a trail head on August 11, Sawaf attempted to escape and was fatally shot by Lexington Fire Investigator Captain Brad Dobrzynski who was assisting with the investigation.

    The indictment against the Sawaf was dismissed on Monday.

    Authorities warn that should you locate a trail camera, tree stand, or other unaccompanied item which an IED could be connected to, not to touch it and immediately notify law enforcement. You can contact Kentucky State Police Post 10 (606-573-3131) or the ATF (859-219-4500). They advise that for items in wooded areas, GPS coordinates would be helpful.

    Public warned about explosive-laden trail cameras in Kentucky
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    Huuummm " Sawaf attempted to escape and was fatally shot by Lexington Fire Investigator" Taxpayer money saved I suppose. I'll add this to the man-trapped trails around dope grows for another reason to stay out of the deep woods in the US.
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    God, I despise government.
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    In my woods running lately I've seen several manmade things put in places they shouldn't be. My rules are since they are not mine, I do not touch or disturb, and the possibility of these things being booby trapped just reinforces that.

    It used to be moonshine here in East TN., but that has morphed into remote woodland pot farming. The shiners never paid me much attention, but the growers are overly aggressive. Maybe they're doing more than just smoking pot, don't know, but am very cautious during the warmer months when roaming the woods.
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    Almost got in to a shoot out up in Oregon back when I was still living there! A few friends and I were known to take my sled out on the lower Columbia River below Rainier to a few of the islands where we would beach the boat and plunk for Salmon. One of my buddies is a big time mushroom hunter, and had taken off into the wooded part of the one island to have a look around, he came back with a pretty good welt on his four head from being shot by what we think was a pellet rifle! We called the Sheriff and they in turn called the U.S. Coast Guard who instructed us to leave post hast and to let them handle it! Ok, So we are gathering up all our gear and getting ready to push the boat back when these three dudes in camo come walking out of the bush with what looks like rifles drawn, I grab my .308 battle rifle and draw a bead on the first tango and fire into the sand right at his feet, and order them to the ground while my buddies are covering with the Shotgun and pistols! Thankfully they complied, and were suitably freaked about being shot at with a real rifle! The Coasties show first and arrest these dudes. Then the Sheriff shows up and starts questioning! Turns out there is an asian gang who "claim" rights to these islands and other areas of the lower river and they "own" the mushrooms and have been known to harass any one that comes near. They also had a pretty good size grow and evidence was found of poaching. The "street value" of a 5 gallon bucket of these mushrooms is about $15,000 and the size of the grows had a value of almost 1 mil !!!!! They ended up setting a sting and rounded up a bunch more guys and lots of equipment, boats, trucks, guns, and gear. turns out they would use pellet rifles because they were prior felons that couldn't get guns with out going to Obummers black market, AND, they wanted something quiet that could be used to harass instead of kill! You guys up in the PNW might remember this, it was back in 2011. Point is, there is a lot of bad going on in the woods up in the PNW, big grows, illegal land claims for minerals like gold, and quite a bit of manufacturing of meth and other nasty things! Keep safe my brothers and sisters, there are far more dangerous predators in the woods these days then ever before!
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    Sounds like the Crowder boys are back in Harlan Country:D
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    guess we better call Ralin?
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    TrailCam, to trigger a SetGun, or IED... Must be a few loose Screws running around in those Woods.... Only way to deal with this, is to sneak up on the TarilCam, from behind.... and Spray Paint, the Lens with Black Paint.... Certainly,, do NOT stand in front of the Cam, and try this.... then call the local LEO, to come Fingerprint, and DNA Swab, the mechanism, and Lock the Builder up, as an Idiot Felon....
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    If I read it right , it said , once batteries were installed it triggered it . Sounded like to me it was just meant to be found and the finder puts batteries in it to see if it works , then it blows up . Either way , the woods aren't as safe as they were when I was a kid . Used to be , the woods was the safest place to be , as long as you didn't come across some pissed off wildlife . I sure do miss the good old days .
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    I love the camouflage effect on the camera casings...totally undone by the strapping and supporting pads affixed to the tree....effective or ineffective depending on the intent of the person placing the camera I guess.
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    When I started reading that story, my first thought was it must be a pot 'farm'. Or something along the 'drug' lines. Either growing/making them or using them...I mean who were you trying to hurt with the IED trail cams?! Anyone who put batteries in it? If it's a wooded area, not owned by private parties, it'd most likely be government agents who would be injured. Yeah attacking the Feds so they don't find your drug operation, that's a BRILLIANT effing plan(hence me thinking they're using the drugs themselves for that intellectual masterpiece).

    Living in Klamath county, there are a few of us mushroom hunters who do it just for our own household diet, and I've been warned that the 'commercial' hunters take it VERY seriously.
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