Extended family SUCKS!

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    Not sure if this should go in the firearms section or general discussion but figured the topic was extended family so I will put it here.

    Every new years day we go to my in-laws house for a luncheon with the extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) Every year I have to endure at least a couple hours of the city dwelling gun control advocates my wife is unfortunately related to. And every year three or four of them will try to gang up on me and spew their gun control tripe until I tell them to go f*** themselves and they get pissed off at me for another year. Last year I listened to it for a couple hours until my wife told me it was time to go. At that point I stood up and lifted my outer shirt to show I sat there the whole time locked and loaded and it didnt harm them one bit. Of course the feedback was instant and filled with rage/fear. I laughed as I left.
    I know of one couple that will not be attending this year because I am going to be there (how cool is THAT!!) but the others will be and I need some good facts and talking points other than "We have the guns so go f*** yourself" response I usually give. My wife has requested that I try to engage in discussion instead of pissin them off. I dont want to but because I do love the girl and want to respect her request I would like to get some input from others in an attempt to passify everyone this holiday season.
    So, my monkey friends.......help!! I need some good data and talking points. Yes, I ran multiple searches and have found the same old data that has been flung for the past 10 years but have found no real current info other than the Fed shitten bricks because people are buying guns now at a faster rate than ever before.
    So, can anyone give me some input?
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    Just show them the 2nd Amendment. Then explain to them that if they want gun control, you want abortion control. If they can exercise control over something that is spelled out in the Constitution, tell them you should be able to exercise control over something that isn't. That should make them shut their faceholes. Unless they refuse completely to argue with any element of logic.
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    Oh, there is NO logic.
    There is emotion and sob stories of poor little children getting their daddy's gun and blowing their brains out. Of course because I work in gun manufacturing and sales, I am the epitome of evil and death.
    I want to be able to sit there with a good poker face and only spew out facts and numbers and not respond to the stupid stories they tell in an effort to promote their political beliefs.
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    Pull all the back issues of American Rifleman and scan in the "Armed Citizen" columns, pass out copies as appropriate.
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    If they're anything like my family, don't waste your breath. They won't listen, won't care. My mother does everything but put her fingers in her ears and sing "LALALALALA" if I ever try to reason with her. Guns are evil and Obama is the best pres we've EVER had, all Hail Lord Obama.

    And they wonder why I never visit them any more.
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    They have been drinking the Gov Kool-Aid. I'm afraid that the only way they will change their minds at this point is for one of them to become a victim. When the police don't instantly appear to save them, perhaps they will realize that personal protection is one of their own responsibilities. I don't wish violence on anyone, but for some people, it's the only way to get them to re-examine their attitudes.
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    go thru their house on a quest to find 5 gallon buckets. supposedly more young children drown in 5 gallon buckets than are killed by firearms annually. destroy with great gusto all their 5 gallon buckets ..... for the sake of the children
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    I dont want to CHANGE them, I want them to leave me the hell alone because I WILL NOT change. I will NEVER give up my basic right to protect myself from criminals and tyranny.
    I want to be able to play the tit for tat game and leave them sitting on the couch pissed off.
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    Tell them that it is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6, or when seconds count, the police are just minutes away!If that doesn't work, you and your wife are welcome to come on over to my house for lunch on New Years day!
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    If you are military or a vet you can always say "uncle sam spent good money teaching me to use one an sending me to use one. So, i might as well get some personal use out of that right and use it to defend my family."
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    I think I will end up taking my AR carbine w/ me this year. I did get a nifty red dot from my wife for Christmas for it. If I sit in the chair slappin the bolt closed every few minutes they just wont come in the room. If I sit on the front porch I can keep them off the property altogether. ;)

    Did I ever mention I hate Liberals more than I hate canned potatoes? I do, they smell funny, dont go good with anything, and are always of questionable history.
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    There is little point to reasoning with the unreasonable

    There is little point to reasoning with the unreasonable. It just gives everyone a headache and accomplishes little if anything other than entrenching deeper people in their implacable opinions.

    To those of your relatives who are of a religious mien.....quote to them
    Mark 4:25

    Even an atheist find a use for the Bible from time to time! ; )
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    I admire your patience so far. I have been in similar situations, although not regarding gun discussion, and have refused point blank to have repeat performances on these subjects. I just inform them when they are getting started up, that in the past years we have all said our piece already, we are all well-acquainted with each others POV and that I now refuse to discuss the situation any longer and that's final. Don't let them provoke you into further discussion. Agree to disagree. Stick to your guns (haha!) and simply walk away if they will not leave you in peace. There's always the toilet to escape to! You are visiting to have a "nice time" with the relatives and none of the discussion is productive.

    On the other hand, be sure you are not in your innermost being, spoiling for an argument on your favourite subject. I am sorry to say this, but being pro-gun or anti-gun doesn't necessarily mean people are right. There are pros and cons in every situation and gun-owners are just as intransigent in forcing their opinions on others as are the anti-s!

    Hope you can get through the day without any major glitches....who knows, maybe they are fed up too and hoping to do the same thing! Good luck and do let us know how it all went down.
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    Your too far North
    Move South...Problem Solved....
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    But like a Slinky it's always fun to push one down the stairs. ;)

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