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    It doesn't get any more survival-related than this. This is probably the most important message I've ever posted, anywhere.

    See the video at An Example of Rising Medical Tyranny: 'Your Newborn Gets the Hep-B Shot or We Take Him!'REALfarmacy.com | Healthy News and Information

    See it ALL. Sit thru it even if it's drier than dry. Pay someone to force you to watch it if you have to.

    There are things in this video that will make your brain smoke.

    If you're a female and you've ever had a flu shot, you need to watch this.

    There are things is this video that every family that has an autistic child needs to know.

    There are things in this video that every female that ever plans to have a child needs to know.

    I'll give one quick example: Autism is characterized by brain inflammation. Mercury in astonishingly small amounts increases that inflammation. So every autistic child (or adult) that has a
    mercury filling should have it removed immediately--because it's making their autism worse, little by little, day by day. And it'll do that for a lifetime if it isn't removed. That's one of the main reasons why people with autism "revert" as the get older..

    And what about MSG and Fluoride?

    Watch the video.
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    I haven't watched the video yet because I cannot get past the story of the parents being blackmailed into giving the baby the shot. That is the scariest thing. When did parents start loosing the right to make decisions regarding their child. When you go into the hospital to have a baby, you are paying for a service but no where did you defer your rights when you hired their services.

    It reminds me of the Justine Pelletier case. It dragged on for months. There are a few other cases very similar. With all that is going on in the world, parents now also have to worry about medical professionals taking custody of your children.
    Justina Pelletier Hospitalized, "In Serious Pain," Spokesman Says - Hartford Courant
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    UncleMorgan I like peeling bananas and (occasionally) people.

    Ahhh. Actually, the video is kind of independent of the article that surrounds it.

    I've read a lot of baby-bullying stories, too, and they are very concerning, but this video can help a person avoid the autism epidemic that we are being forced into right now.

    That's a lifetime benefit. Watching the video can save a child's life almost literally, since being severely autistic isn't much of a life.
    And it offers a chance to reduce the degree of autism in those already affected.

    And it points out the link between autism and schizophrenia, which is really important.

    I agree that far too many doctors seem to think that they are God, and just once I'd like to read about a parent that looked a pushy doctor dead in the eye and said "You're fired. Touch my child again and I'll have you arrested."

    Skip the story and just roll the video. You'll be glad you did.

    One of the other things I got out of this video was really scary. The doctor quotes the effects of "Glutemate poisoning" on pregnant women, and points out their increased likelihood of having children that are either autistic or schizophrenic. What I got out of that is that if things don't get changed in a big way, in about thirty years about 30% of the population will be autistic, and 60% will be schizophrenic.

    And we'll be the other 10%. The retired 10%.

    I think that would qualify as a TEOTWAWKI situation, in and of itself.

    Dodge the bullet. Watch the video.
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