Eye Herpes????

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    It's for real it seems.....

    At public events like conventions, strapping a virtual reality headset onto your face can feel uncomfortably intimate. Face masks can get sweaty and grimy, and lenses can fog up with other people’s breath. But earlier this week, an anonymous chat transcript suggested that headsets were spreading something even less savory: herpes.

    “Ocular herpes is going around VR headsets, ones that are used to share with people,” wrote an unnamed developer, according to logs posted by YouTube game streamer Drift0r. “[Redacted game studio] told us its [sic] going around. Have to clean headsets regularly.” When Drift0r asked for more details, the developer named someone who had gotten it, according to the studio. The news confirmed people’s worst fears about sharing headsets, and it lengthened an already-long list of VR health concerns, from the undeniable (motion sickness) to the fanciful (forgetting reality.) But if a VR developer did end up with ocular herpes, they probably didn’t get it from a headset. And the odds that they’ll pass it on that way are just as low.

    Herpes simplex is nothing to take lightly, but it’s extremely common

    You probably won’t get eye herpes from a VR headset
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    Wow, ok! I thought it was from looking at stuff!
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    Computer viruses are now infectious? [LMAO]
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    A diluted iodine eye wash will remove any herpes, pink eye, or other virus/disease permanently.
    Burns like hell, but works. And I mean very diluted.
    And if you're worried about vision --studies have been done which show iodine improves eye sight.
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    What a non virtual idiot, the woman. o_O
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    well, you just have to watch out!
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    Herpes is real enough....but "herpes of the eyes" is a little misleading. HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) affects various organs...the eyes being but one of a number.

    As the article notes....spreading HSV infection by shared VR goggles is probably fairly unlikely. Simple hygiene precautions should reduce the negligible risk even further, by using an alcohol wipe down of the mask first. You're more at risk of infection by being kissed on the face by someone with an active HSV infection on their lips. The anonymous game developer who has started this panic, could more probably have gotten the initial HSV infection as a child from a goodnight kiss from his mom or dad. The post VR goggle outbreak is more likely to be a dormant infection that was contracted much earlier in his/her life.

    Herpes Simplex Eye Infection; Symptoms and treatment | Patient

    Herpes Eye Disease

    If facials are one's thing.....wearing safety glasses might be prudent. ;)
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    More likely he wants to sell more goggles.
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