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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jim2, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Perhaps a bit off topic, but I'd like the knowledgeable monkeys here to properly inform me concering shooting glasses. I'd like to know about the barely accpetable to the top of the line glasses, and who makes them. Then, I can make a decent choice.

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    One big question- do you need perscription glasses to see?

    If you need a perscription, then things get more complicated. If not then:

    I usually use a brand called checkmate- ansi approaved work glasses made of polycarbonate. They are very inexpensive at about $3.00 a pair. Polycarbonate scratched easily, so I wind up replacing them every few months. Color choices are yellow, clear, smoke gray. 100% UVA and UVB protective.

    A long time ago, I bought a pair of Gargoyles- the type that Arnold wore in Terminator. They were light and made of polycarbonate. After safety glasses became virtually mandated in almost all facets of work environments, I went through a plethora of glasses. The Checkmates were the ones that were the most comfortable to me. Being Ansi approaved, like the Gargoyles, I decided that I never had to worry about buying an expensive pair of sunglasses again. I keep a half dozen around- some here, some there- usually somewhere I can just grab a pair and go.
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    I like my ess glasses. I wore them in the army and they hold up well. They have ones that work with ear protection. Worth checking out.
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    i have 2 pair of oakleys i prefer them, both pair are 2 years old and have held up well. i go nowhere without them. they are ansi approved according to the oakley website and very comfortable
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    My favorites (most expensive to cheapest):

    Oakley (half jacket)
    Revision (Sawfly)

    All meet ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards

    The Oakley's have long been my favorite, but for good beaters, using the Berkley's never let me down. Some of the Berkley's are for fishing and aren't made to ANSI standards. Also, I use various types found at local hardware stores, all ANSI rated, but totally expendable.
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    Lowes has several inexpensive polarized safety lasses that will meet the same standards but start around $12.00 and go up.... the Oakleys are great but if you have a tendency to misplace them ... go to lowes...
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    Oakley M Frames are available with prescription inserts glued on.

    There are lots of other good options thanks to the .mil - Brokor listed several.

    If you are mil or police, the Oakley SI is a great deal. Prices way below retail and you can order your prescription straight from the factory.

    I never used to shoot with glasses, but I started rethinking that over time. Now, I nearly always have Oakleys or Revision glasses on. Eyes are too sensitive not to protect while detonating controlled explosions next to your face (shooting guns).
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    Thanks all! Appreciate the help. I dont need corrective lenses, and am mostly using scopes, so just need to protect my eyes.

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