Face it, Ron Paul is unelectable now

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RJB, Jun 4, 2007.

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    I am an advid Paul supporter, but don't get mad at people when they say he is unelectable. It's true. He is unelectable NOW. I bring up Dr. Paul whenever I hear people's disatisfaction with politics, and I'm amazed that very few people have even heard of him. So at this point, Yes he is unelectable.

    Instead of getting mad, we need use that energy to spread the word. Buy some Ron Paul shirts, bumper stickers, yard signs. DONATE! DONATE! DONATE! I now put every other month's prepping money into his campaign. Join the RNC. Go to meetings and convince them there is no difference between Frudy McRomney and Hillary. That's easy to do.

    However I believe Ron Paul WILL be electable. Paul is everything we conservatives (and the nation) have been praying for. People who have never heard of him have been inspired by his message. It's easy to spread. Here is a politician unswayed by whims, Polls, corporate masters. He is driven by the constitution. I know he will stand for the values he's run on because he ALWAYS has! You can't say that about ANY other politician!

    It's our election to lose. Because the MSM from Limbaugh, Hannity to Tim Russert will not spread it. It's up to us.


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    I tell everyone I talk to.
  3. 155gunner

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    I have recently donated to him and will continue to do so until the end.
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