Face of the Future: Facial-Recognition Tech

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Yard Dart, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Face of the Future: How Facial-Recognition Tech Will Change Everything - Yahoo! News
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    someone needs to invent, Google Glass Gone. Perhaps a self tracking green laser that picks out and targets camera lenses. Problem, would be making it safe for humans too.
    One of these days, you will be walking through the pharmacy section of a neighborhood store, and the shelf camera will greet you by name, and ask if those condoms fit correctly, or if you are there for more, and what was your opinion on the ribbed texture? I'm sure, your wife, or random passer-bys will fully understand the ski-mask and hood, from that day forward. Of course the wife will want the download option for the divorce settlement....Doesn't really matter at that point, if it was really you or not, now does it? the damage has been done.
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  3. They have something like that already for tactical applications (ostensibly as an anti-sniper system - It doesn't neutralize the threat, just detects them), though adapting it to a low-cost market might prove a challenge. The units on the market right now are many tens of thousands of dollars and can pick up optics up to about a kilometre away. I suppose the idea could be scaled-down some.
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    It is always a money issue, just like with phones.
    A) want to know who called? use caller ID.
    B) Want to be unknown? pay a fee.
    C) Want to punch through an unknown number? Pay a fee.
    D) Want to make sure no one can punch through? Pay a fee.
    E) Want to generate a random number to show as your own? Pay a fee.
    Want to be left alone, to mind your own business......priceless.:(
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