Facebook buys Face.com

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 19, 2012.

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    ...which is a facial recognition company.

    Facebook buys facial recognition startup Face.com | Reuters

    I probably should've posted this in the Tin Foil Hat Lounge....but, I think this will happen/is happening. ...especially given the flop of Facebook's IPO. They need money from somewhere....I'm sure the .gov is willing to pay for access

    Just imagine the govt. getting access to all the photos + demographic data on Facebook that has already been mapped for them. Now, use that as metadata in your other databases that feed all the cameras in airports, on city streets...anywhere there's a camera, you can be tagged, tracked, and bagged.

    Now...don't go and try to delete all those photos you have posted. They're there forever. Same goes with Photbucket and Flickr.
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    Facebook already has had a recognition feature. Doesn't work so great but on occasion it will get it right and ID the friends in a picture you upload and offer to tag them for you.
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    What I do not understand is all the hoopla over these social network sites. What do they truly accomplish for an individual? Why would anyone put their entire lives online so any stranger can come along and learn so much about you? How many of your so called network "friends" would you trust? No, I just don't get it when it comes to these social network sites, if they do anything for anybody, it is not for the better.

    As for TPTB, they already have access to all this info, If I can go to anyone Facebook/MySpace and copy all the photos and info they have posted, then what is preventing Big Brother from doing the same?

    Here is the best approach to ensuring your online privacy. Don't use these sites period, and don't post anything online you want to keep confidential.
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    ^ I'm very selective what info I post. Most info used on my own Facebook is false, I am glad others aren't as careful though as Facebook has become a major resource for skip-trace jobs. So helpful when one of the subjects "friends" provides a phone number and then talks like a school girl when you call to weasel info out of em.
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