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    Fair Tax rallies are popping up all over. If you don't know what the "FAIR TAX" is please read the following, and ask questions or look it up online and get a good understanding of an excellent idea and movement to replace the IRS, and our present income tax.
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    Feature Article: [COLOR= ]FairTax at the debate![/COLOR]

    Last night was the first televised debate of the 2012 presidential primaries. The FairTax was right in the middle of it and came out on top!
    As moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News posed a FairTax question to a long time supporter and GOP Presidential hopeful, Herman Cain. But this was not a softball question, as he preloaded it by stating:
    "But the experts say to generate enough revenue, Americans would have to start paying taxes on new home sales, they'd have to start paying taxes on rentals, they'd have to start paying taxes on healthcare andaccording to the experts, the practical effect of a FairTax would be a tax cut for the wealthy and a tax increase for the middle class."
    Herman responded, "Well Chris, with all due respect, your experts are dead wrong."
    And the crowd exploded!
    You have to watch this video of him hitting the whole question out of the park: FairTax.org/FirstDebate

    There are also some lessons we can take to heart from last night's debate.
    First, your voice matters. If you missed the beginning of the video, Chris Wallace said many viewers wanted him to ask about the FairTax. If you haven't sent the media an email lately, now is a great time.
    Second, you already know many people have preconceived opinions about the FairTax without doing their homework. Answer those people with the facts - and like Herman Cain - do it with a smile.
    Thank you!

    </TD></TR><TR><TD>Grassroots Spotlight:
    Last month, FairTax leaders worked with former Congressman John Linder to set up large town hall event at the Willie Miller Instructional Center in Florida.
    It was a hit! They reported: “This FairTax Town Hall meeting was highly successful. It was moderated by radio host, Marc Bernier, and broadcasted live on AM 1150 WNDB. Congressman Linder presented the FairTax concept and answered questions from the audience and phone callers from numerous states.”
    The local Daytona paper was there too and covered it this way: “They wore shirts emblazoned with the name of their cause. Some even drove vehicles labeled with more advertising. And they spoke with the passion of the newly converted. The subject of this religious zeal? FairTax.”
    The volunteer leadership team of Kristina Bouterse, Larry Maser and Rudy Treml made the day happen and “converted” many new FairTaxers to our cause.
    Is someone your FairTax inspiration? Email media@fairtax.org to nominate someone for the spotlight!
    FairTax in the News

    Herman Cain On The Fair Tax At The South Carolina GOP Debate -All American Blogger
    As you all know, I am a supporter of the Fair Tax. I interviewed Herman Cain at the Fair Tax rally in Columbia, Missouri a while back and know he is well versed in the debate.
    Last night, Herman Cain was asked about the Fair Tax, and Chris Wallace dropped a pile of stats on him to show the idea as a bad one.
    The Hermanator rolled right through it...
    April 15th: A Day That Lives In Infamy – Not Just Another Day FavStocks.com
    ... So what is fair? Fair is for everyone having “skin in the game.” Everyone paying tax and not just those whom “work.” We need a fairer tax - one that also eliminated the cost of the IRS. One of the forms of taxation being proposed to accomplish both of these efforts is commonly called the FairTax...
    Then we have politicians and lobbyists practice of divide and conquer with exemptions and social engineering verses one with a clear rate for all Americans beyond the poverty line. We have constant [COLOR= ]class warfare[/COLOR] through the tax code verses the right, left and center against the self interests of Congress.
    We have regressive payroll taxes off the top of our earnings verses truly not paying taxes on necessities. We pay Washington before we see the money before we even see the money verses “pay-as-you-go” taxes only on what you choose to spend. We are in a system where each person is guilty until proven innocent verses an IRS free sales. taxes. IRS intrusions vs simple cash register payments...

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    If as I understand it, my brain lil fuzzy this late, FairTax would mean I get to bring home more of what I earn. An better yet if I do not spend it I'm not taxed on it. Therefore I'd actually have HOPE of being able to save & Retire sum day.
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    Exactly, and much much more positive aspects. Keep in mind it is not regressive on the poor, the old, those young and trying to get their families started and in order. The more frugally you live, the less taxes you pay. Everyone with a valid ssn receives a monthly prebate check equal to the poverty level taxes that would be required to sustain life. If the poverty level is $20,000 for a family of four, then that family at 23% anually would be expected to spend the entire $20,000 and thus $4600 in taxes. Since taxing them would be regressive they will receive a check for $383.33 monthly to cover their taxes. Illegals want to invade our country and reap it's benefits without actually paying their fair share..... Guess what? Under this plan, every dollar they spend here $0.23 goes into the federal coffers. Drug dealers, hookers, any other illegal off the books enterprise within our borders, guess what? Buy that full length mink coat, buy that gold bling, buy that pimped out stretch limo...... every luxury one thousand dollars spent puts $230 into federal coffers to pay off the debt and support a stable economy.
    You want to save a nest egg to start a business or for anything at all? Do it! Who will be stopping you? No one! Live frugally and save and earn, and no one penalizes you..... your money actually will grow rapidly. No income tax, no capital gains, no taxed interest on your savings.
    Fair for everyone, and everyone above the poverty level pays their fair share. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Suppose you don't like what the Government is doing ...... show your teeth! Cut them off! Contact your representatives, tell them how you feel, and go on strike. Quit spending! Your a prepper, you can live on your reserves for a long time. If you don't spend and you can get others onboard on a state or national level, you cut off their money.
    Yes, fiat money, and the Fed has to go. It will have to be addressed and a real solution will have to be found and adhered to strictly.
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    Don't get too familiar with the 23%. That assumes current levels of dot gov expense. I'd say 17% would cover the necessities, and there's no point to locking in a floor number at this stage.

    I like the concept.
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