Fake Mick Jagger Gets Rock-Star Treatment

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    Fake Mick Jagger Gets Rock-Star Treatment
    Thursday, September 29, 2005

    Well, he looked like Mick Jagger . And he definitely got what he wanted.

    An upscale Manhattan nightclub found itself hoodwinked last weekend by a faux Rolling Stone, who got loads of satisfaction from star-struck staffers, including a private room, free drinks, personal security and very eager female companionship.

    According to the New York Post, the Stone clone turned up at Spirit, an haute boîte in the trendy Chelsea neighborhood, very early Sunday morning with a female friend.

    The doorman took one look at the familiar-looking craggy visage, and the interloper and his date were swiftly whisked into a VIP room.

    Soon to follow were a complimentary bottle of Grey Goose vodka, a staff bodyguard and quite a few young women.

    The make-believe Mick, smiling sweetly, told the adoring crowd in a perfect British accent that he'd just flown in from Columbus, Ohio, where the Stones had indeed played earlier that very night.

    But after what Spirit spokeswoman Claire O'Connor said was "about an hour and a half of partying with what became a large crowd," the artful dodger said he was out of time and that it was all over now.

    "He was becoming overwhelmed by the crowd and the cameras ... and needed to leave," said O'Connor. "The security guard called for additional backup, and the clone was whisked, with three girls, down a back staircase. He asked to stop at the ladies' room on the way out, and spent 10 minutes in the ladies' room with the three girls."

    But two of the lovely ladies failed to make a connection with the suspicious Stone, and they didn't end up spending the night together. Instead, the faux front man and the woman he'd come with hailed a taxi and disappeared into the night.

    Only after he left did club staff take a look at recent pictures of the real Mick Jagger — older and scrawnier than his partying doppelganger — and realize they'd been had.

    Fran Curtis, a spokeswoman for Mick Jagger, said her client was nowhere near New York last weekend.
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    I tried that once as Elvis
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