Fake news? Who is tellin the truth? (Mainstream Media Lying About Washington DC General Firing) ?

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    Here is another report making claims... seems the claim is Trump did NOT actually fire this General but offered to let him remain till after the event?

    Claim is he refused and then ran to the media?

    So which part of the media is telling us the truth?

    If the 2016 election taught us anything as Americans, it is that the mainstream media is no longer trying at all to be discrete when it comes to their blatantly biased and dishonest reporting. Thanks to several emails released by Wikileaks throughout the election cycle, we learned that the mainstream media has been actively colluding with the Democrat Party, and rather than attempt to win back the public trust after being caught, the mainstream media has chosen to double down in their role as the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

    If you’ve been following social media over the last several days, the surely you’ve noticed that one of the most trending stories on all of social media has been a story based on ANOTHER Washington Post piece that is total “fake news.” The following is just a handful of headlines I happened to see on the subject:

    Trump Orders DC National Guard Chief To Leave In Middle Of Inaugural Ceremony

    D.C. National Guard Chief Fired Days Before Trump Inauguration: "The Timing Is Extremely Unusual"

    The Top Commander of the DC National Guard is Being Removed on Inauguration Day

    Commanding General of DC National Guard to be Removed From Post on Inauguration Day

    While the mainstream media and their online social media counterparts have continued to push that narrative in an attempt to make President-Elect Trump look like he has no idea what he’s doing, they have completely ignored the threats of violence that continue to build from far-left groups as a direct result of those groups who are buying into such propaganda.

    The story that has been circulating the last few days thanks to the Washington Compost has been a total lie and distortion of the truth as people should come to expect from that liberal rag at this point.

    In the video below I review the truth of what actually happened with the commanding General of the D.C. National Guard, General Schwartz, and some of the REAL dangers the mainstream media is continuing to throw gasoline on with their dishonesty. Where have the “fact checking slobs” over at Snopes been to debunk this nonsense? Isn’t that their job now?

    The issue of “fake news,” and the amount of dishonest propaganda pouring out of alleged “real news” outlets, is bordering on an epidemic. If some of the groups that plan to cause chaos in Washington or elsewhere are successful because the public isn't adequately informed, surely people will be injured or some will die… and that is NOT acceptable…

    At the end of the post, don’t miss links to SIX more stories about planned Inauguration Day violence, links to stories about how out of control the “fake news” phenomena has gotten, and how eventually violence could trigger Martial Law… which is the stated goal of at least one group planning chaos…

    more info at this link...

    Mainstream Media Lying About Washington DC General Firing - Freedom Outpost

    Note: have also recently seen reports of small weapons cache's being found all around DC?

    anyone else seen this info?
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    Fake news mmm thats a new name for a OLD thing, as i was young the called it propaganda.
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    Exactly and it is a major part of the Alansky Democratic playbook for communist ie; liberals progressives and the like.
    I was disenfranchised with all the crap that the MSM was flInging in every direction during this election and I stopped watching. I have not restarted watching because it's still the same old SHlT!!!
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    I do not watch television or read the paper, pay little attention to internet news but do read Drudge and Breitbart, just don't buy the crap as 100%. I listen to shortwave and sometimes foreign news networks but have completely decided that anything passed as "News" in the USA is nothing but agenda driven spin.
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    Funny how the "alt-news" (although no one will tell me what that is. However they all attack it, even though it is right FAR more than the lamestream propaganda is they love) and "social media" (again I have no idea) is nearly always right and the lamestream media is totally slanted. Of course it always was, go read Walter Cronkite's bio where he admits that the news was ALWAYS made up and the sheeple were told only what their masters wanted them to know. Maybe that is why the alt-news is hated by the stupid, it exposes too much of their agenda.
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    What was it that Will Rogers said? "The people who don't read newspapers or listen to the radio are only slightly less informed than those who do"? Or maybe it was "people who DO read newspapers or listen to the radio are only slightly less informed than those who DON'T"! Probably the later.

    Just looked at a paper today (there was NO "news" in it) and some nationally run commie columnist was whining that Donald was "an illegitimate president", the lib-tards are having a march at the State Capital AND at DC (talked to some that were going, so there is no "alt news" there, whatever "alt-news" is) and of course what Donald said THIRTY YEARS AGO is brought up constantly but what Hitlery and Co. said/did three DAYS/WEEKS/MONTHS ago is never mentioned!
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