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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Eadams, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Have several.

    Like M1A's better, but they are nice guns.
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    I have one of the dreaded Century Arms FN. It used to be an L1A1, but I modified an Isreali reciever to 94r specs and the damn thing gives me 4 inch groups at 300 yards. I love it, and can use metric or inch magazines.

    I was trying to get a Rock River version of an AR-10 so I could use FN-FAL magazines, but the waiting list for one precluded me from doing that. I got a DPMS instead. Now I have to buy stupid $44 dollar magazines to keep the thing fed instead of using cheap (only refering to cost, not quality) FN magazines.

    I never had any luck with a scope mount, though. I have a drawer full of mounts for the FN. It beats them to a pulp. I was thinking of getting DSA's AR-15 style rear sight, because the standard FN rear sight is built like a 1st grader designed it. Rugged but simple. Just as long as I can still hit what I'm aiming at!

    Sorry if I seem a little incoheirent, I'm kinda blitzed at the moment[boozingbuddies]
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