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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by dennism7149, Sep 4, 2005.

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    Welcome aboard, Dennis. Can't help a lot with choosing a rifle for you, but I can say you won't go very far wrong with one of each.
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    welcome! We'll see you at Knob Creek?
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    Welcome to the monkey den!

    As far as accuracy goes, it'll depend on what shape the barrel is in and what kind of parts are put into the rifle to make it good shooter. If it's headspaced correctly and they used an Imbel receiver, then it should be a good shooter.
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    There is much rancor directed towards these rifles. However, you can also get a great one. It often depends on the reciever. Imbel is good, Hesse is not so good. Horror stories abound, but it may be a cause of Internet hysteria, like the "fact" that all Glocks blow up with handloads... Anyway, if you get one of these, and it's got an Imbel reciever, and it's not quite right, you can send it to someplace like AzEx and have it worked over for about $300. But at that price, you are getting into the low-end DSA STG58's...

    I personally bought one of these about 4 years ago. It was an R1A1 sporter, made by Century on an Imbel reciever. The barrell was new. The first day I fired it, the FP broke! So, I replaced it. Since then, it has never stuttered once. As far as accuracy goes, it is definitely minute of bowling pin. I have changed the stock to a Penguin Arms, replaced the gas piston, and bought a few spare parts to have on hand. If you get it, I would recommend checking it over, or having it checked over. Spend a few days at the range and run about five hundred rounds through it. That should work the kinks out.

    A good point about the FAL is that mags are about 5-10 bucks apiece, compared to 15-20 for AR mags. Also, the FAL is a heckuva lot easier to clean than the AR.
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    It has a new barrel, it is parked it is an Imbel rec, as long as they head spaced and timed the barrel correctly it should be a good shooter.
    It should be Battle rifle MOA in the accuracy dept.
    For $539.97 you couldn't build one for that now, after buying the tools needed and parts.
    I say go for it, I love mine.
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