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    Oh make no mistake about it....IT'S FALL!!! Yippee-skippy I do love this time of year. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!! love it,love it,love it,love it,love it,LOVE IT!!
    I got up this mornin, had me a cup of coffee watchin the sun peek over the hills to the east, the color, the splender, the outright beauty. The coffee was a new roast I am trying. I kinda like it. A full bodied coffee with a nutty aftertaste.
    I was thinking of making home made waffles from scratch. The chickens are producing eggs a little greater than our expectations so using eggs is always good.
    Then....one of those little bastards had the audacity to do it.
    Run right over to the bird feeder and steal some sunflower seeds.
    Thats it.
    I know what I am gonna do today. I am going to hunt SQURRRRRELS!
    I went out to the chicken coop and got some eggs. Went in and made waffles for the wife and kids. Some scrambled eggs, ya know, good dad stuff for a Sunday morning. While everyone was eating and having a nice little picture of Norman Rockwellesque moment, I was plotting the demise of a half dozen gray haired little bastards in their own neighborhood. Let them fatten up on my bird feeder. In another hour or two, you will be in my bag.......damned squirrels.
    I went to my man cave (I declared one room to be MINE, I am the dad of three daughters, you cant swing a dead cat without hitting pink in my house) to get my boots, pants, and lightweight parka (rainy and windy here today). Got the Ruger 77/22 and grabbed a 50rnd box of Winchester wildcat 22's. Told the wife I was going to get dinner. She rolled her eyes and shook her head like, yeah... bring it home and declare dinner.
    As I walked out the back yard, two little bastards ran back across the yard. I could have went ahead and popped them but that wouldnt be too fair. As I went into the woods, I witnessed the same two head towards squirrel square.
    Yall know where squirrel square is....dontcha? It is in Squirrel state, gray haired county, and in the middle of little bastard city! Thats where I am going.
    I arrive in time for a break of sunshine to entice as many squirrels out as possible. It works! Three are out on branches in front of me. I wait a little longer and two pop out to my left and as many if not more on my right. I let them start to move around a bit and pop up w/ rifle to shoulder. I nail one right in the head and immediately chamber another round. One is frozen in the tree above me at 1o'clock. I hit him in the chin and chamber a third round. I turn around to see two more running away from me. I aim and run a .22 up the third one's wazoo. I have three squirrels down and I am scanning for more. I have enough for squirrels and rice but I want CHILI! I need at least 4. They have hot footed it outta here though. I am now onward to where I think their fallback position is. I just need to get within 70' go get a good shot on one. There he is. majical number 4. I aim, exhale, squeeze, and sum b!tch runs off. Dammit!! Okay....need to focus. Want chilli...need number 4.
    I wander a bit further. Figured it was a good time for a chew so I grabbed a wad of the ole Beech nut red label and put a plug in. As I wander along spittin on leaves I see a squirrel at 20' that really doesnt care that I am there. I take aim and seperate his thoughts from his actions. I grab number 4 and toss him in the bag. With great pleasure I head back home. Wanderin, splashin in mud puddles, a .22, bag of squirrels........I was 13 years old again! As I approach little bastard city again, I see 4 more hoppin around on branches. It's time to get one more. I take aim, squeeze and drop number 5, I now have a big pot of chili. I am now headdin home with a little more happy in my heart. The squirrel population is healthy and growing and I still have 5 in my bag ready to be made into chili.
    Right now they are a soakin in a brine and will be made into chili by dinner time.
    This message brought to you by Fall! High quality good old fashioned American livin.
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