Falling Man

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Meat, Sep 10, 2016.

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    On the 15th anniversary of 9/11, it is a day to reflect. Since we were adults at the time, we all remember that day. We remember where we were, how we felt but my children who were so young that day, will never know the feelings we all felt. They will never truly understand why we cried as we saw the falling man.
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    I knew exactly what was happening the moment the towers fell. I did not cry, not one tear. I nodded my head and bottled up the seething rage inside of me, stored for the day we hold these murderous criminals of the corporate oligarchy accountable. They want us to be fooled into believing radical sheepherders with box cutters did this --we aren't stupid enough. They want us to fear their police state and the armies of terror they've created --they are sorely mistaken. So many have died, and many more to follow before this ends. With each death, the silent rage grows and courses stronger.
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    AYE !!
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    I was at work and received word that a plane had plowed into a high rise in New York. That was all the information I was given, and it came from a coworker no one got along with and had a reputation for being a gossipy drama queen. Because of the source, I did not take it seriously and figured it was just what's-her-face shooting her stupid mouth off.

    About a half hour later I ran into a another coworker in the stairway and she asked if I heard about what happened in New York. I said yeah, but I'm busy and don't have time to get sucked into the drama. She replied, and I remember her exact words, "No, you should go right now and see what is happening. You really need to see this!" So I went upstairs to the break room where they had a TV. And then it all came to light.

    Unfortunately, the gossipy drama queen was right.
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    I was working in an attic and the homeowner called me down after the first plane. I walked in just to see the second plane hit. First I was numb, then enraged. And falling man solidified my hate for an ideal that would embrace such an action. I guess my whole generation will harbor that.
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    I was Stationed In Germany when the attack happened. We were just coming back from chow and the duty Sgt was all freaking out telling us some thing very bad happened. We went to the rec room that had a big screen TV just in time to see the second plane hit. 10 min later we were rotors spinning on the way to the east coast prepped for additional action! That has to be one of the longest flights of silence I have ever been on! 12 hours in the air with 9 refueling's, and not one word from ANY one but the flight crew doing what they had to and nothing else!
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    Bless the "Falling Man," the photographer, and all who died or lost loved ones to the massacre!
    I call for jihad!
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    It is important to remember that the attack was against innocent people.
    By a people that believe they are more valued than any one else on the planet.
    And these people are being given every thing they want, as thought it were true.
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