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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Hanzo, Feb 11, 2019.

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    The F1 is an old friend that I have had for quite some time. As I plan to take it on my next hike, I thought I would give it some love and use it. It has been cold, wet and blustery. So soup was in order. We have been out in the rain and wind all weekend. The F1 did the kitchen prep.

    One of my students gave me a bag of marungay, so lots of extra vitamins for the soup.

    Sauteed the garlic, onion and ginger.

    Added the pork.

    Then green papayas, marungay and water.

    Brought it to a boil then simmer.

    Soup warmed me up twice (like chopping wood).

    The F1 is not a kitchen knife, but it is quite the slicer. Checked the edge, still shaving sharp. No need to touch up before our outing. The F1 is a great small knife. Awesome complemented with a saw and machete.
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    Thank you for sharing. While we always show the beautiful and exotic knives, paring knives, veggie peelers, chef type knives, the basic food prep and meat processing knives are the ones I actually use every day. While the modified Bowie fighting knife might be the best thing for fighting off Zombies, I use the veggie peeler almost every day on potatoes, squash, carrots, beets, etc, and a chef type knife for cutting up meats, veggies, etc into usable sized pieces. Never have bought one, but my grand mother had a knife like the Eskimo ulu, that she used for almost everything, had a wooden bowl that went with it, and used it instead of a chopping board for a lot of things. Not into the net enough to make a thread on it, but interesting reading on both the crooked knife and the ulu by native Americans on the net.
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    Well done, @Hanzo !! Would you call that a Mora style blade?
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    NOT a Mora style blade. It is a flat grind I think it is called with a convex edge. More robust than a Scandi edge. It is issued to the Swedish Air Force as a survival knife. I like it because it is small and light, especially in the plastic sheath. That is even though the spine is maybe three times thicker than a Mora's.

    I have beat on the F1 for years. Keeps an edge for a long time and is durable to me. Some folks have broken the tip. But I do not use it to pry by the tip. Rather use it to make a tool, like a wedge than overly abuse a knife. Right tool for the right job, right?
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