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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Imasham, Jun 30, 2017.

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    I am currently testing out an app called Life360 which allows me to create a private circle and invite people into it. I can then send and receive alerts to and from these people so I know where they are at all times. It is marketed mostly as a way for families to keep track of each other. There is another one I've found called Family Orbit which provides substantially more tracking (eg. parents can see what web sites their kids go to on their device, etc.).

    Anyway, I am looking for feedback from anyone who may use these or other family locator apps. In the initial stages of an emergency I can see the usefulness of something like this so I can see where my family is. Both versions keep a location history so even if the phone is not currently on I can see where a family member most recently was.
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    Yeeks! Too much for me. I will not even turn on half the apps on my phone. I have a thing about electronic stalking. My kids think I am double wrapped tin-foil but it creeps me out that my phone would know where I am. As for monitoring my kids on the internet, the oldest was the least savvy so she got into some stuff. But mainly I have preached and taught. I have given them my trust and I hope they do not disappoint me.
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    Around here, when Guests venture out away from the Cabin Site, they take a Handheld Radio with them, that has a builtin GPS and sends out Tracking Data, (APRS) When back to the Base Unit here in the Cabin, and can be displayed on any of the computers on my network... Never had to use it but have had to go retrieve some stuck snowmobiles and 4 Wheelers, over the years.... Personal Comms in our situation is a MUST HAVE.... especially for visitors, who do not know the area well... When AlaskaChick travels she takes her DualBand Vhf/Uhf HandHeld Radio with this capability, with her, and assuming gets in a SHTF Situation, can get ahold of any local HAM Radio Operator, and Pass ONEPAD Messages back home with ease...
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