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  1. JC Refuge

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    We're ALWAYS digging to get you the best emergency storage food deals to be had out there.

    Here's the latest and one of the greatest ...

    Six new "Family Provisions" variety packs, assembled to feed a family of 4, for anywhere from 3 to 30 days, and guaranteed to fit your budget. Most of these six variety listings come to you in one box, so they are easy to store no matter what your space limitations are.

    They're a good deal at their full list price, no doubt. (Remember, everything always ships free at Safecastle Royal.)

    But of course buyers club members get 20% off these list prices (as well as at least 20% off everything else in the store, all the time!), by using their member's coupon code. Email me at if you need your coupon code.

    Member pricing on these packages range from $54.40 for a 3-day package to $479.20 for a 30-day package for four.

    Get 'em while you can.


    (Just $19, a one-time member's fee, gets you your lifetime membership, and UNBEATABLE DEALS anytime you want them. Join here )
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