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  1. nomres

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    Curious what you all think of this pre-built EMP Faraday communications base? It includes a generator, oil, ham radio, short-range two-way radio, laptop, solar panel, battery, charger/inverter.

    My thinking is 12v DC power via 2 methods (gas, solar, battery) and 120v/100watt A/C power via 3 methods (gas, battery, solar-in-a-pinch).

    4W HAM Radio can run on li-on or AA batteries. Includes extended-range antenna.
    Generator is 800watt running/1000watt surge 2-cycle with 2 tanks worth of oil.
    Battery is a dry 5AH lead acid battery with acid pack. Activate it when needed, so no maintenance.
    Solar panel is 30watt/12v flexible panel w/ 10amp charge controller

    EMP Series
  2. techsar

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    Well, $99 generator, $25 battery, $25 radio, $30 trash can, $54 solar panel, $5 oil (2 stroke), $200 tablet/w/keyboard (just going by pic, since no specs available), $35 inverter, $35 radio/light, $25 mag mount antenna, $15 light (again, no specs) and allow $100 for misc - AA batteries, power strip, flashlights, and you end up around $650...so for me it would not be worthwhile @ $999.

    Just giving an honest opinion...you asked ;)

    ETA: Not a mod, but if you haven't already cleared sales posts with admin, you need to.
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  3. Texas Monkey

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    The seams of the trash can may not be sealed enough to keep the emp out, would not be many seams in any container that I would trust alone, would seal them again with some type of metal tape, the line the inside of the can with cardboard,
    Then still put the items there own fully sealed emp boxes, such as item in paper bag, then wrapped in foil then placed in cardboard box.
  4. T. Riley

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    The only thing I have been able to kill a cell phone with is plastic, foil, plastic,foil, plastic. For me, everything has to be wrapped this way and then into a cage. That's what works for me.
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  5. oil pan 4

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    I think it belongs in the trash can.
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