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    I know from reading here that many of you have pretty much given up on contacting your representatives in the Congress and Senate. I have always been an outspoken individual either too stupid, or otherwise unafraid, not able to keep my mouth shut, even when obviously outnumbered with no real great chance of winning, willing to tell a bully, a Goliath, or the Federal Government to kiss my azz. The reason for this post is an idea I just got with regard to the USDA's latest, most definitely Unconstitutional NAIS law. This National Animal Identification System required "micro chipping" of all food animals affects us all. There is absolutely no reason for the Federal Government to have any control over what animals I may choose to raise in my backyard or farm for consumption by my family. I will not register my property or my animals with the USDA Gestapo. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives me all the rights I need to do this unfettered. No Interstate Commerce is being conducted, thus, this is a States Rights issue. I will be contacting my State and Federal Representatives and asking them to take this issue, and if neccessary draft legislation putting the Federal Government on notice. Similiar legislation has recently been passed in Texas, Montana, Utah, and others with regard to Firearms. I ask that each and everyone of you who also have farm animals (ie; chickens, goats, rabbits, cattle, pigs, sheep or whatever) please draft your own letter of objection to the USDA federal NAIS law and send it to your representatives. Call them also. Ask where they stand. Tell them you are a proud, self providing, tax paying VOTER, and that you don't need a handout from Uncle Sam or Unneccessary Unconstitutional Legislation either. Who knows? It might even work. If it don't, oh well, keep your powder dry and your eyes open until the Revolution begins. Good Luck, and may God Bless You.[beat]
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    People do have the ability to change their representative's vote. How do they know exactly how to represent you if they don't hear from you?
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    They have also introduced a bill [ sponsored by Monsanto] to outlaw organic farming. You will have to use Monsanto's seed, fertilizer and pesticides to make your food "safe" for consumption. Put up signs saying "no tresspassing" and enforce it. Every body needs an alligator in a special fenced off holding pond.
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    Inorganically raised pigs will do as well as a gator, and will function perfectly well in the north.
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    make better chickenfried steak too!
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