Father's Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sojourner, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Sojourner

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    To all of you dads, may you have a blessed and joyful day. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!
  3. Bear

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    Thanks [winkthumb] Happy Father's Day to all you "Dad's, Daddy's, Pa's, Pappa's, Pappy's etc"... out there.... and a special one to all you Dad's who are away from your families and your little ones....
  4. CRC

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    For all of you , who have...

    Worked your long, hard hours to provide for your family...

    Spent Saturday at a Little League game or a dance recital when beer and the recliner sounded better.....

    Given up Monday Night Football for a PTA meeting...

    Who've ushered a young man in to adulthood ...with respect, and good manners, and morals...

    Who've reluctantly let a young lady go on her first date knowing full well she'll behave because of what you have taught her...

    Who've put a bandaid on a skinned knee and said, "It's okay, sometimes I cry when I get hurt, too" , letting them know it's ok for boys to cry too..

    Who've loved your children's mother with all of your heart......and respected her .....even if the love is gone.....

    Happy Father's Day to the DADDIES......you know who you are!

    Enjoy your day.....!!
  5. Tracy

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    I hope that all the Fathers have a wonderful day! I hope that your family celebrates you!


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