Favorite FAL Variant

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Conagher, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. Redneck Rebel

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    This thread does nothing to alleviate my craving for a DS Arms SA58 Para
  2. armysgt

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    Israeli FALO

    My wife picked up a box of FAL parts about 16 years ago. It was one complete Israeli Heavy Barrel FALO and all but the receiver of a British L1A1. She was upset because the wooden buttstock on the FALO had a Star of David and Hebrew writing carved into it. Women!
    I will get a pic up soon. I have completely rebuilt the FALO, it looks like it was made yesterday. Open sights with German DAG ammo, it will bang metal plates at 500 yards all day long. Not to mention, when you drag it out, everyone wants to see it. What an ego boost!
  3. armysgt

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    oops, got he pix...
  4. Tikka

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    Imbel Gear receiver StG58. It is a good solid 500 yard rifle.
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  5. BTPost

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    Love the Optics..... very practical High Ground, "Reach out and touch something" weapon.... ......
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  6. Seacowboys

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    My favorite is still the STG-58 Austrial variety. I gave mine to my stepson but I'll build another one soon.
  7. BTPost

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    I can hardly wait for my DPMS AR-10 to arrive, sometime this fall...... I already have my 1000 Yd Gong setup, across the Inlet..... and I promised Momma, first shot...
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  8. Quigley_Sharps

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    Mine is the STG Austrian variety

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  9. Tikka

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    As I live on the high ground it fits the task well. ;)

    It will break clay birds and pieces at 250m or pop the 600m gong all afternoon. It is easily the most accurate FAL in the safe.

    Unlike some of the others, the DSA dust cover doesn't move..
  10. Warscent

    Warscent Corus corax

    Ive always been a FAL fan.Closest thing to a FAL I have now is my SCAR17.Best rifle ive ever owned and trained with.Light,low recoil,and eats any ammo you can find. 432281_381712881855040_1785644432_n. This is my better half killing paper like a pro.
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  11. ghrit

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    With all due respect, staging that pic would have been better done with eye and ear protection in place. That said, nice looking weapon. Have the optics been co-registered with the irons?
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  12. Warscent

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    No pic staging here.Shes wearing earplugs, but took her eyepro off and layed them on the ammo box next to her feet as usual.Ive no need to stage. She is a vet 6 yr Army 31C turned homeschool mom ,but still pops brass more than the average shooter. And yes, scopes line of sight. The Doc Op on top of the Acog isn't.
  13. Tikka

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    Not a FAL but fun. ;)
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  14. Notchman

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    L1A1, I really like the folding charging handle and the placement of the takedown lever better than the metric pattern.
  15. NotSoSneaky

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    Nice day for a little rifle practice today, 68 degrees and overcast. I like flat light for shooting. No glare.

    100 yards, prone, sling only, no rest, bipod or bags.[coo]

    Hafta say my L1A1 is my favortite rifle 'cause I only have one FAL. [tongue]
  16. Tyler Danann

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    This is my favorite type:

    StG 58 by DSA arms...

    But I am partial to the folding stock para-variant also.

    Go to DSA's website and plunk down your money :)
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  17. WastedDaze

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    My favorite riFAL

    7ufw. 7k7f.
  18. Tyler Danann

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  19. WastedDaze

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    Nope, no bipod... for two reasons.

    1. Factory bipods are heavy. This is a patrol rifle not a squad rifle.
    2. Factory bipod effects point of aim.

    The bipod cut barrel and hand guard ar there only because that's what I could get at the time.

    Originally barrel mounted factory bipods were ordered by the Germans for the BGS and G1 contracts.
    The Austrians also ordered similar FALs and went on to build their own under contract.
    These guns were not patrol weapons but stationary defence weapons, hence the bipods and steel handguards.
    It was intended to fill the role of a squad rifle. The steel handguards get hot quickly and the bipods are heavy.

    They were never intended to be a patrol rifle.
    When I get a chance I'll change out the bipod cut handguards to nonbipod.
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  20. Tyler Danann

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    This is me and a buddy shooting with an FAL with bipod / bench-rest:

    Ringing that steel at 400 yards...
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