FBI botch another one

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    Sedition charges don't stick after 4 year investigation and infiltration by FBI into Michigan Militia group.

    Go figure, huh?
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    "Stone 2012"
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    "Militia leader David Stone's "statements and exercises do not evince a concrete agreement to forcibly resist the authority of the United States government," Roberts said Tuesday. "His diatribes evince nothing more than his own hatred for - perhaps even desire to fight or kill - law enforcement; this is not the same as seditious conspiracy."
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    So after 4 years and probably millions of dollars spent to investigate and prosecute.....the case falls apart, and all they may be able to convict on is a couple weapons charges? Wow.....your tax dollars at work.....
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    Thank Socialist Holder for tax dollar's well spent..or not
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    And what's surprising is this just isn't surprising at all.
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    they are FERVENTLY searching for a white, domestic, terror to scare the public into watching each other..

    Radical islam isn't scaring us enough..
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    All this talk about terrorists inside the US show me proof of just one even a white guy will do. All this crap going on after 9/11 about them planing to attack us is complete BS. The FBI has to go out and trick people into thinking they are joining a group that does not exist.

    If the US is part of the battlefield in the war or terror the war must be over because no one can find any other than trying to make us out to be them.
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    More "Wagging the dog"......
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    I got this in a newsletter from one of my favorite patriot bands.

    In regards to the Hutaree Militia, those of you who have been with us a long time will remember a little over 2 years ago, our lives got turned upside down by the National and local media over our music being used in training videos by the Hutaree, like the follow one;
    Hutaree 2 - YouTube

    That Monday morning I started getting calls from several of the presstitute outlets like FOX, CNN, ABC wanting someone from the band to come up to their New York studios. We declined at the time, because we didnt want any poker Face members faces to be used over and over again in a purposefully negative light.

    We endured constant negative attacks, and the printed libel from ADL quotes, by the lamestream press for a total of 6 front page articles. What our sin was, was to declare that in America today, YOU ARE STILL INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. We also had a couple of visits by our local eF Bee Eye office, who turned out to be friendly and polite. They just wanted to know how well we knew the hutaree and when was our last contact with them. They also asked us about another group who would be making the headlines soon. In the end the FBI bought a copy of our last disc PEACE OR WAR. First time the Federal government has ever supported Poker Face in anyway.... hahaha
    Anyway, in the end, Poker Face was RIGHT. We called it entrapment and the Hutaree case was pure unadulterated BS for what it was back then, and Judge Roberts saw the same thing last week in dismissing all of the charges and freeing these folks who had been in prison for 2 years. Remember it was a confidential informant placed there by the freedom haters of the ADL/SPLC. These outfits are UnAmerican and traitorous organizations running roughshod over America and her freedoms. They need to be financially destroyed and shut down once and for all. Morris Sleeze Dees and Abe APEMAN Foxman need to be investigated for crimes against America. Morris Sleeze has yet to be investigated and jailed for his role in bringing over the agent provacateur German Jew and hebrew speaking Andreas Strassmeier who was the person who pulled off OKC in 1995 and then blamed it on the patsy Tim McVeigh(or was it Tom mcVay as it was spelled in the book FINAL JIHAD written by OK governors brother Martin Keating 4 years before the event).
    Tom McVey Bombed OKC 4 Years Prior To Tim McVeigh

    Towards the bottom of this newsletter, you can read the press release we have sent out to our local press and alternative press circles about the hutarees recent release from jail. You can also read the prior release statements from 2 years ago as we battled these presstitutes...

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 27, 2012
    Hutaree Militia Members Acquitted
    Apologies Expected From Media & Politicians

    Nearly two years ago, to the day, members of the Hutaree militia were arrested and accused of a grand plot to kill police officers sparking a chain reaction that would lead to the overthrow of the United States government. We called ******** from day one. Today, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts agreed with us as all 9 members were acquitted of “conspiring to commit sedition, or rebellion, against the U.S. and conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction. Other weapons crimes tied to the alleged conspiracies also were dismissed.”
    When the news was breaking back in 2010, Poker Face immediately issued a Press Release stating in part:
    “Members of Poker Face do not condone the actions for which the nine members of Hutaree are being charged.
    We continue to reserve judgment on the 9 detained militia members until due process can prove innocence or guilt in this matter.
    While we do not consider all law enforcement officers and state officials to be corrupt, Poker Face does continue to consider government duplicity …”
    Citing a link from the Hutaree website and a training video sporting one of our songs, the local media started reporting on how Poker Face was tied to this “extremist group.” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was braying about how dangerous this organization was. The national media was conjuring images of American style al-Qaeda and tossing out buzz words like “homegrown terrorists” and “seditious conspiracy.” And, Poker Face was trying to remind everyone how, during the Clinton years, the Federal Government and the media tried to pull this same type of crap with Richard Jewell as well as with a militia group in Georgia. The major difference between then and now is that Hutaree members spent 2 years in jail whereas Richard Jewell won a 15 million dollar plus judgment for having his name dragged through the mud.
    While the merits of free speech in this case could be debated for years to come, what we truly find disturbing is that the government was willing to take a person with a history of drug and alcohol problems, who had fired a gun at his own wife and attempted suicide, and injected him into a supposedly violent and potentially lethal situation in order to “find” evidence in exchange for a boatload of money.
    What’s even more disturbing is that the government gets away with what can only be construed as entrapment. Taking that into consideration, it is our belief that there was a political undercurrent in play. With the recent exposure of Operation Fast & Furious, we must ask whether the Justice Dept was trying to use the Hutaree incident in order to provoke a reaction from other militias nationwide. Luckily for us all, the more established groups did not bite. Had they responded with force, rest assured we would have seen some sort of oppressive legislation, ala the National Defense Authorization Act, abruptly brought forth. Look at how the Patriot Act was just waiting in the wings. It was introduced and passed in record time with virtually no members of Congress actually taking the time to read it. Also, keep in mind that just a few short years before this militia nonsense, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act failed to become law.
    With politics in mind, let us look back on the months following the Hutaree arrests. 2010 was an election year. In our hometown, both the Republican incumbent for the U.S. House of Representatives, Charlie Dent, and the Democratic challenger, John Callahan were taking swipes at the Independent candidate, Jake Towne, due to Poker Face’s scheduled performance in support of his campaign. Callahan was calling us “disgusting” despite kissing our collective asses years earlier when our community organizing abilities favored his first electoral push to become Mayor of Bethlehem. Dent was on Bobby Gunther Walsh’s show saying WE were calling for people to shoot cops.
    As the summer and the political race heated up, Bobby Gunther Walsh, along with the local news station and both local papers, were beguiled by one of the worst offenders of free speech and civil rights, the Anti-Defamation League. We will give credit to the Express Times for at least printing our opinion that the ADL is linked to terrorist organizations, albeit in a tiny obscure part of the version only available on the web. But, it’s a start. Unfortunately, it is still a far cry from exposing the corruption and illegal activities that define the true nature of these “non-profit” charlatans.
    Well, here is everybody’s chance to come clean.
    Poker Face was right all along. The Hutaree was not a threat.
    The government was a threat.
    And, the only threat we pose is through song and word in order to expose those who will use their power to exploit and enslave those who have none.
    If any of the local media outlets have a stitch of morality and are willing to put out the full story and the facts surrounding it, it would be honorable, it would be greatly appreciated, and it would go a long way in alleviating many people’s concerns of media bias.
    If you are not interested in following up and publicizing the facts of this story, you should be ashamed of yourselves and are hereby formally invited to kiss our asses.

    Poker Face
    | Poker Face ~ Protest Rock ~ Made In America |
    *** Recording of the new disc is rapidly coming to a close. The events discussed in this Press Release will be chronicled in the music scheduled to be released later this year.
    Tyranny Befalls America will be the 6th full length album by Poker Face.
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    Nice post MM, thanks
  14. armysgt

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    Law Enforcement

    Law Enforcement is the enemy of the people & freedom. My wife was a Deputy Sheriff and when I was around the LE folks I would hear the "us against them" garbage. With the feds ramping up the militarization of all LE groups, a war against the American people is afoot. Law Enforcement types are not always the brightest bulbs in the pack. The days of "Peace Officers" is gone and not to return. Out right ban of firearms will happen only after a government ramp up of LE and their abuses causes a face-to-face confrontation somewhere. If it happens, we must all hang together, or we will most surely hang separately (to paraphrase Mr. Franklin). Oddly, after LE burned alive kids in Philadelphia, shot a woman in the face at Ruby Ridge and slaughtered church goers in Waco, there has been MUCH reserve in the "civilian" field. Law Enforcement means "force" to make the rules of government, whatever they be, happen, regardless of consequence. Unfortunately, with the ever lowering of qualifications for LE, our best and brightest seem to be dying in crapholes like afghanistan. The term Law Enforcement and what it implies is the enemy.
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    IRS Audits, FBI Watch lists, No fly lists, all little gifts they have to look forward to in the years ahead, regardless of innocence. Try getting hired when you have an arrest history even if you were found not guilty or in actuality, innocent. Should the record be wiped, yes, is the history deleted, no. Every time one of those guys are stopped by any LEO, that officer/deputy will be told to "Use Extreme Caution, Possible Member of Domestic Terror Group, Do Not Detain or arrest based on this information gather intel and contact XXX-XXX-XXXX."

    They'll wonder why a simple stop for speeding becomes a one hour ordeal and why the cops are soooo nice and ask sooooo many curious questions.

    Sure, they were found not guilty but the feds are like Herpes, they may be gone today but they are a gift that keeps on giving.
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    The NCIC record

    If you have a cop friend, see if they can get you a copy of your NCIC printout. I am prior military and have been shooting IPSC and long range Hi-Power for over 30 years. I used to have Deputys over all the time, many have seen and fired my arms. My NCIC printout comments that "this person is "prior military, competition shooter, well armed, latest weapons, effective to 1000 yards, extreme caution". Not meaning that I am some weirdo, but I do have skills and hardware. I have never been arrested and only had one ticket back in 1983, it goes on to say. Now lets say I am out of my county (where all the cops know me) and say I am in Kalifornia.......I wonder how that report will fly there? Do they understand multi-syllable words in Kali?
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    Anyone know if you can get your NCIC printout through a FOIA request?

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    Yes, You can, but it may be redacted, if it would disclose Methods, and Procedures.... In my case it was mostly redacted.... and I was never in the Military.... .... YMMV....
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    So can Alpha Dog get mine for me? Sounds like it's nationwide.
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    I am assuming the same laws and regs apply outside CA, if I were to access confidential information not job related, NCIC, DOJ, CLETS, etc, I would be charged with a misdemeanor and fired.

    Every time we access the system, it keeps a log, who, what where when etc. If there was a question as to WHY or WHEN I accessed it, they would pull the log and cross reference my files and activity logs from that day.
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