fbi turning on cell phone mics

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Oct 27, 2008.

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    One of my co-workers recently had to replace a damaged cell phone.
    It began 'buzzing' on day - not for a call, just going haywire!
    She pulled the battery - it kept on buzzing......

    So, the Big Question...

    Do some have alternate power sources deep inside? Makes one wonder...
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    huh?...Shouldn't have. Leave that evil thing in a box somewhere. After seeing this (which is a2006 story btw) and the tracking story , I think I'll buy one witha debit card; register it, download afew ring tones and strap it to a freight train( that'll befun for some alphabet soup guy)...
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    Also if you want to see if your phone is transmitting when you are NOT using it, leave it near some older speakers, or your clock raido. The GMS signals interfere with FM waves and you will hear popping and buzzing.
    Yes Phones sometimes have an internal backup battery. It generally is only to keep your contacts in place though.
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    Guess its old news???:oops:[sheep][tf][looksharp][looksharp]:lol:
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