FBI warns of violence in America

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 14, 2012.

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    there you have it: be aware of your surroundings and stay away from events ($0.02)


    Thought to ponder:
    if yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is not protected under the 1st Amendment due to the obvious melee that would ensue, then what about creating a movie that puts Mohammad in a bad light. The result will be worse.
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    I don't view it as the same as yelling "fire" in the movie theater. The "movie" that is sparking this outrage is nothing more than one person's opinion of Islam. Listening to the broadcast, why is the US government to blame for the movie? It's one person's opinion, not the governments.

    Yes, this is spreading to the US now, great.
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    I don't either.

    The issue I was trying to raise/discuss is the slippery slope this is going to cause. This is just like the 80's/90's/00's where people walked on eggshells for fear of being called a "racist" in the workplace. Rather than talk about racial issues, they would do ANYTHING to not have to deal with them. The result was quotas, meritless promotions, extortion, bad schools, college dropouts, etc.

    Now, we're going to be held at the mercy of a group that will commit violence at the drop of a hat if they perceive any slight to their religion. So, in effect, questioning Islamic beliefs will become a de-facto "off-limits" topic because people don't want to put up with the aftermath.

    We are now hostages unless we throw down the gauntlet and say "enough."
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    Agreed!! We need to get the "O" out of office first, he will do nothing but bow down and apologize!
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    Thank goodness you can still partake in patting the receptionist on the butt without getting in trouble.
    Wait. What?
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    Maybe O needs to stay in Office so we a can get to the violence that is coming and get it done. Once's it over we can put in place the rules that wont allow the courts to interpret the constitution, but make them follow it. All these groups fail to realize that once the Silent majority gets to the point it will fight it does so without mercy and with the one goal of winning.
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    When "it" starts there will not be much mercy given to anyone. When Russian people revolted about 1/4 of the population disappeared. The entire "ruling classes" ended up as wolf bait and much of the socially elite with them. It was a horribly bloody time that ended with Lenin/Stalin's iron fist communism (and 20 million more deaths at their hands). Read the work of fiction--"The Battle of Jakes".
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    Now, what does this remind you of?
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    oooo this is going to get good fast.
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    about right
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    The L.A. Times answers this question:


    Retort: Chayes is a moron. So, a group we will respond with violence to certain things....therefore, these "things" are not protected under the 1st Amendment.

    Let's expand: now, ANY group, who doesn't like something someone says or does can react with violence, and you can say that any future events of a similar nature aren't protected under the 1st and that they are now forbidden.

    You are basically hostage to the lunacy of a group of people whose only response to criticism is violence.

    What a dumb@$$....only from a libtard.
  15. Freedom of speech does not give us the right to tell lies. Slander is telling willful, known lies or even malicious use of the truth. Libel is putting it in writing or other symbolic propaganda. The film was only an excuse for civil unrest.

    An example is a site I've visited where someone claims to be a visitor from the future. They can't get back because they need "just a little titanium and have no currency of the present day." I explained the process for obtaining titanium from a tube of titanium white oil paint that would take less than $100, also made mention of her working skills and making use of them. The post disappeared. Obviously, it challenged her ruse. It was false advertising, but pretty much harmless other than an insult to my intelligence for even bothering. A court would likely never award me anything because it was harmless and i really should have known better than to look for meaningful, non-abusive conversation on the subject of time travel from pretty much anywhere on the net.

    We have the right not to click. Islams also have the right not to click.
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    Actually, Dr. you left out a very specific REQUIREMENT for such suits. In order to for speech to a crime, the Lie MUST be about another Human. If it is about yourself, or an object, not human, it is legal, as Free Speech, unless it is made to a Federal Agent. The same is TRUE for Libel, HOWEVER if the person is a Celebrity, or Politico, different Laws Apply.
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    The FBI issues a warning and Mrs. Incompetano stated terrorists have crossed our borders.

    The borders 0bama keeps open.
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