FCC decides to make a few Examples, of Cell Jammers.....

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    On April 9th the FCC issued a Notice of Apparent liability in the
    amount of $144,000 to The Supply Room in Oxford, Alabama. On the same
    day a $126,000 N-A-L was imposed on Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing in
    Broussard, Louisiana.

    In both cases the FCC received anonymous tips that cell phone jamming
    was occurring at both businesses. Using direction finding FCC agents
    discovered strong wideband emissions in the cellular bands that they
    determined to be one or more signal jammers at each site. On
    inspection, both the Supply Room and Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing
    admitted to the agents that they had each purchased a number of
    cellphone signal jammers off of the Internet from overseas sources.

    And here's where it really gets interesting. Not only did each
    business freely admit to purchasing and using the cellphone jammers but
    their excuses were interesting as well. In the case of the Supply
    Room, it's general manager admitted that the jammers were in place to
    prevent its employees from using their cellular phones while working.
    Not only that, but that the devices had been in operation for more than
    two years before they were caught.

    Meantime, managers at Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing told FCC that the
    devices were also being utilized to prevent its employees from using
    their cellular phones while working, but in this case following a
    near-miss industrial accident. One that the company alleges was
    partially attributable to employee cell phone use.

    While both companies voluntarily surrendered their jammers to the FCC,
    that did not help mitigate the penalties that have been imposed. In
    fact, the FCC told both companies that they must submit payment in full
    by May 9th or file a written appeal.
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    Clear message there. Thx.
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    Here's what I tell the FCC: Nothing. And, "suck it."

  4. Meanwhile, it seems police departments in various cities and even reportedly school districts are wanting to (past tense, they apparently have, regardless of legality at the time) employ cell phone jamming technology (the feds can already do this legally). The merits of use of the technology not withstanding, I dislike double-standards where public servants gets to operate by a different set of laws than us peons.
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    They can "Want" all they want but if they get caught, they get the same treatment as the Civilian Population, IF they do NOT heed the Notice of Violation, that they WILL be issued. It has already happened to a State Prison. They had a $150kUS Fine assessed for operation a Cell Jammer. They whined and complained a whole bunch, and the Federal Magistrate gave them, 24 Hours to shut it off, or the US Marshal would be arriving, to throw the Warden, in a Federal GrayBar Hotel.... They shut it down and paid the fine.... You do NOT mess with AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, and Sprint, and think you can get away with it for LONG. Those Guys have REAL Power, and if you get in a Pissing Match with them, they will just Shut OFF, ALL your Phones, PERIOD... It has been known to happen.
    Just think of a State Institution that went up against the Comm Lobby, and the Comm Lobby retaliated by turning off ALL the Phone Lines to ALL State Institutions. How fast would the Jammer get turned OFF, do you think, and that doesn't even get to the US Marshal with a Federal Court Order, in his Pocket. ..... If they want you, Your TOAST.....
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    I think it's illegal for FEDERAL prisons to use jammers, but as far as I know, it is quite commonplace in every other state and private prison, as well as police stations and other state buildings. Obviously, they aren't worried about the evil Verizon lawsuit or some FCC nazi, but we DO VERY MUCH have to be concerned since the .Gov ALWAYS tries its hardest to screw the common man...so that's the point Bushcrafter Anthony was making, Bruce.

    The Dark Future of Phone Jamming
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