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    Just a NOTE, here: There is NO SUCH THING, as the "FCC Licensing Board" All Licensing is done via Application to the Licensing Bureau in Gettysburg, PA. Licensing of Broadcast Stations, goes thru Spectrum Management, first, to find an Open Frequency. Then it goes to Technical, to review the Data on the proposed Transmitter and Antenna Specs. Finally it goes to the Broadcast Bureau, to review Ownership, and ability to operate, for the length of the License. (5 Years) Then to the Commissioners for final approval, and Issuance, of the Construction Permit, to build, and test, the Station. Once that is approved by Field Tests made by the Commissions Field Operations Staff, the Operating License is then issued, by the Licensing Bureau. For Renewals, they skip Spectrum Management, and Technical, if there are no changes, requested, and straight to the Broadcast Bureau, for the Public Interest Reviews. "Did the Station Operate, In the Public Interest" during the last License Period, and did the Station Meet ALL the "Public Interest" Requirements, that are in the Broadcast Regulations. If they find NO Issues, the Renewal is then forwarded to the Commissioners, for approval, and License Renewal, by the Licensing Bureau.
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    Federal Communications Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I am a RETIRED FCC Resident Field Agent, and I spent years, dealing with Licensing Issues, in ALL the various Bureaus, of the Commission... I know exactly how it works.....
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    Maybe I am unclear as to what point you were making.
    I am not trying to offend you, I wasn't even addressing you in my post.
    I may have been mistaken about the Licensing Aspect of my post and have edited the
    Licensing Commission part out, however, what it sounds like you are saying, is that the FCC has no influence or power to disrupt or intervene, from what I gathered.
    They have investigatory power which can be used as a club much like the NAACP lawsuits, or Audits, they might not prove anything in the end, but it's really distasteful and can be extremely expensive to defend yourself, through them.
    I am just saying that, things are changing for the worse in all Gov. Agencies.
    They have become Politically Charged Arms of the Administration in power at the time.
    The EPA has almost Dictatorial Power, Bureau Of Land Management has and army now, The FDA and Department of Agriculture is infiltrated by Monsanto ex-employees with links to Powerful people in our Gov. spanning both parties , The local Police Forces are looking more and more like Military Special Op's units, Hell, Even the Boy Scouts have been irrevocably changed in this new climate we find ourselves.
    I know you to be an informed man from reading a lot of your post's, and I have no Idea how long you've been retired, however, their has been pressure from the FCC to control the flow of information, its documented.
    Again I refer to the following article, it was all over the news, only because it affected them directly!
    If what I thought you were implying is true, How do you explain this?
    Again I may be mistaken as to what you were objecting to.

    Breaking News: Obama Orders FCC to Monitor News Rooms! | Politics

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    I am, simply, setting the record straight, on how Broadcast Stations are Licensed. Your "FCC Licensing Board" is a figment of your own imagination. The FCC Media Bureau, (used to be Broadcast Bureau) are the Regulators, for Mass Media Licensees. ALL Broadcast Stations MUST comply with their Regulations, as Published in 48CFR, and prove that they do so, during their License Renewal Process. That is the ONLY review that takes place, during Normal Station Operations.Obummer doesn't have ANY say, about what the FCC Does, or Does NOT do, except to Nominate Commissioners, which are then confirmed by the Senate. The FCC is a completely Independent Commission, from the Executive Branch of the US Government. It operates by the Authority vested in it, by the Congress of the US Government, under the Communications Act of 1934, as Amended, Period. Any Political considerations are done by the Commissioners, themselves.
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    I already conceded that it was a mis-speak on my part, that I think maybe all are guilty of at one time or another, and removed the Licencing part of that statement.
    I may have gleaned from all the furor made over it, that it had more power than it actually did.
    The initial comment was not to demonize any one organization, but rather all of them as to the amount of control government now exerts on its citizens.
    It was made in reference to media control and that one particular example example stood out in my mind, simply because at the time allegations were made that this was an attempt to control the content of information being release to the public.
    I watch 2-3 hours of News on TV as well as the web and have noticed, not so much what their talking about, but rather, what their not!
    there have been numerous articles like this next one that definitely make an impression.
    Why the FCC should keep its nose out of TV newsrooms | Fox News
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    Kinda like the IRS?[sarc2]
    P.S. I really do enjoy stimulating debate![tf]
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    What is the point of this thread?
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    @melbo I started this thread, by moving Off Topic Posts in the Ebola Thread, so that if folks choose, they could continue exploring the FCC Licensing Issue, without dragging the Ebola thread Off Topic. It can disappear, as far as I am concerned...
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    I'm not sure, how this thread got started, I guess mediators- administrators can maneuver around here in different ways than the rest of us.
    Made a the mistake of referring to the FCC as a licencing agency and the whole thing went down this rabbit trail.
    Threads have to have a point?:D
    I've seen some pretty diverse content since I've been here, I guess point is a matter of objective opinion!
    I'm having fun sparring with another great orator!
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    Why was this brought up to begin with ...was there some misinformation posted about subject or is an article published with contrary info? I R LOST
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    Yes, it's not an important thread, but I see why Bruce moved this portion of the discussion here to save from the other topic being so fragmented. Bruce is very particular about details, especially when the details in question fall within his territory. I have come to greatly appreciate his knowledge and sometimes even his lack of humor, which is highly indicative of government types. Gets me smiling every time...

    I believe Gopherman stated his case after explaining what parts may have been misinterpreted, and now we are back on track, awaiting another passer-by to poke a stick at the FCC.

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    Nothin' but LOVE for you guys!!![hrt]
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    One of many reasons I like this place.
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