Feb 3, 1690 - First Paper Money issued

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    Until 1690, the North American colonies had dealt primarily in coinage. Silver and gold were rather rare, so colonists generally used unofficial coins, or “decrepit coppers.” Boston-based silversmiths John Hull and Robert Sanderson did operate their own mint between 1652 and 1682, issuing silver shillings and three and sixpence pieces, but save for a few ill-fated experiments, paper money was hardly tried or used. However, on 03 February 1690, Massachusetts takes what would later prove to be a crucial step in the establishment of a stable US economy and authorized the first official paper currency to be ever used in the Western Hemisphere. The currency would be used to pay soldiers fighting a war against Quebec.
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    During the Civil War the South faced shortages in everything including paper. They finally took to taking large sized bills and cutting them up and reprinting them and I have some that are printed differently on either side. One side is a complete bill and the other side is part of the larger bill. :)

    I'm saving it 'cause the South's gonna rise again! b::
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    Interesting V-Man. Must have a good collector value. You could use it to help finance the 'rise of the south' :lol:
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    :lol: If you only knew my dad and that statement..........:lol:
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    Hmmm. That makes one curious
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    Interesting read.... it has a similar sound to the "Challenge Coins" used in the military today..... Thanks for posting....
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