Fed Bails AIG

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by RouteClearance, Sep 16, 2008.

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    The govt is "nationalizing" the banking and insurance industry like Chavez did to Venezuela. Some Democrats are saying do it to the oil companies. This may not be planned but they sure picking and choosing the best to take over. Now since the taxpayer will probably have to pick up the tab, we are shareholders. Lets do a proxy vote to get checks from the stock dividens sent to each American like Alaska does with it's oil. If they would of done that this weekend before AIG got downgraded, we would of only had to shell out 20 billion instead of 85. They are insuring that generations down through time are slaves to this debt we have made. We are tettering on the brink. Larry King asked Suze Orman if it was as bad now as the depression, she said yes.
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    I had an interesting discussion with my congress-critter's office in Washington about a half hour ago on this. The congress-critter seems to be upset too.
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    LOL its startingseesaw
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    Well, another -449 down today, people were dumping stocks and buying...GOLD! That is not a good sign. Everything they throw at it will disappear, they should of taken all that money and given it to every good homeowner in America, We would of spent it and the economy would OK. Those jokers aren't worth saving, we are. Here comes the NWO!
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