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    Bungling Ben, second salesman of the month winner: Trying to sell the Fed to us as good for us!!! Similar to socialized medicine!!!
    Bernanke can make all the appearances he wants. He can campaign to his heart's content but fiscal reality is bringing him and central banking to a different place. Ordinarily it is foolhardy to bet against a monetary elite with so much wealth and power. But this is one of those times when wealth and power cannot immediately control an implacable information technology. That is why I am so confident the latest monetary crisis will result, again, eventually, in some sort of precious metals standard, perhaps even a market-based one. Bernanke is worried about an audit of the Fed. In the bigger scheme of things, that's among the least of his problems. The other socialist schemes are shutting down the national economy and more unbacked fiat paper is the cause not the solution.

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