Fed injections don't even make news any more

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by melbo, Oct 18, 2007.

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  2. hartage

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    Awww c'mon bush says the economy has never been stronger... he swears by all the job growth charts......

    Hey, we as a people deserve what we are getting now. I mean we did vote to put bush in office didn't we ? We should all just shut our traps and take the medicine we voted for.
  3. melbo

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    Actually he says the Job numbers are "steady"
    Last reports were expected to post 110,000 new jobs and the figures came in at -4000.
    I guess he meant steadily declining.

    Unemployment figures are worthless as well. That number they toss out like 4.6% really only shows the number of new applicants... NOT the amount on the roles. In theory, we could have a 75% unemployment rate and still only show 4% (New applicants) that period.

    Clyde told me a good one the other night and I forgot the sector. Basically the number posted was in the range of the margin of error so it was truly a useless stat.

    i did not vote for bush
  4. hartage

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    Yeah, I didn't vote for the knob (bush) either. But enough of us did for two terms no less. I said we because like it or not we all live in the same country.

    Funny, I don't see the " I voted for bush" bumper stickers like I used to. I guess people aren't too proud of their choice in hindsight. Too bad we all must pay for those voter's stupidity. Too bad I have family members that voted for that knob. Not a peep out of them lately.
  5. <exile>

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    Actually it is because a bunch of them were white collar or well paid blue collar workers who had their cars repo'd after they skipped payments due to job losses from outsourcing so they had those stickers razored off before the car was resold
  6. Clyde

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    The good news is there were 57,000 new government jobs created!

    If that is "job creation" then the world of hurt just got bigger.
  7. Tango3

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    There's always blackwater.( a growing market sector)Go work for Condi...
    I voted for(2x) gw ....I am truelly Sorry....
  8. <exile>

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    Do you mind me asking why? Was it for religious reasons, party line reasons, other?
  9. hartage

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    Wow, in a single action you just rose above some of my family members. I don't think they will ever take responsibility for voting for bush. But then again admiting mistakes has always been beyond them. We all make mistakes. We just now have to fix the damage done last 8 years.
  10. Minuteman

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    I too voted for GW. Or more to the point I voted against his opponent. The lesser of two evils. And I didn't want to "waste" my vote on a third party candidate. Even tho I really liked Michael Badnarik.

    The problem with that reasoning is that you still get evil. Never again!!!

    I will support Ron Paul thru the Republican Convention and if he doesn't recieve the nomination I will support him as the Constitutional party's candidate if they can convince him to run on their ticket.

    And I don't care if a split vote gives Hillary the white house. So be it. I'll never again vote for a corporate, new world order, globalist pawn.
  11. Clyde

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    I voted for Perot--he was a nut, but I think he would have done some house cleaning. That is what I wanted then, and it is what I want now.

    Give the people what they want....and always remember it was between 5-10% of the colonists who participated in the revolution. That is simply the reality of change, the few influence the many as things progress and I can see that happening with Ron Paul right now. A small revolution that is challenging the CFR bastards.

    And I voted for GW the last two times for the lesser of two evils...and he turned out to be a liberal in republican clothing. He is, however, really good at blowing shit up!
  12. melbo

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    One convinced against his will,
    Is of the same opinion still.
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